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happy friday and answers to some questions

matt is taking me out tonight on our first real date since phoebe was born. nursing and being the worst at pumping has pretty much kept us home these past 4 months...but tonight! tonight we throw caution to the wind and sneak out once she's asleep and grandma comes to sit. (max is away adventuring with his dad this weekend)
we have a curfew of midnight (when she's been waking up to eat again) and i have my fingers crossed that i don't fall asleep on matt by 9 o'clock. regardless, this calls for some heels and a little lipstick. 

happy happy weekend, friends!
i've spent some time answering a few of your questions...thank you so much for all of them!
i'll get to the other's next week...

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date 1

date nights or dinners out look a little different these days...a little cuter with our plus one.
 we're just lucky phoebe likes to be out and about, and even luckier that she wants nothing to do with being awake through most of it...


afternoon hideout

sneaking off for afternoon dates with this guy is a highlight of my life...
he swept me up yesterday and saved me from afternoon computer work and we hid out at his favorite place to sit and eat for a bit...

sushi for him and salad for me and lots of loving and doting on each other between the two of us...

it's hard to believe only 13 more weeks until we'll be toting around a little baby bunny to lunch with us.



out to lunch- a little video

when matt gets little breaks between clients at work, he'll swoop me up and we'll do it up right for an hour or two.
lunch and coffee, window shopping and listening to bone thugs on the drive home.

my guy is the best afternoon date a girl could ask for.
(especially when he reminds me of a little old man with his dry cleaning tag left on his jacket sleeve)

happy friday...and three cheers for the weekend!
i hope it is a happy one for all of you!

(music on the video by message to bears)


spin spin spin

tonight was family date night...record shopping and mexican food.
i do and do cherish these two guys...especially when the smallest one comes home with his new michael jackson record and does the most sensible side-step dance to smooth criminal. 

he surely knows how to melt me, that one...and make my sides ache a little bit from laughing.


5 favorites of fall: cold morning coffee dates

newly chilly fall mornings are my favorite time to sneak away for a quick date before work.
a handsome guy, no makeup with a side of bedhead, warm coffee cup hand-holding, scarves, and pumpkin chai. 
don't mind if i do!


puddle jumping date night

rainy, cold, and puddley date nights take the cake.
no plans or umbrellas even. just a quiet spot outside to spite the rain...warm coffee and serious and silly conversation and a misty city view. even the worst kinds of days around here this time of year feel like a bit of a gift. or anyways, they're always a chance to hold you guy's hand in the rain.


like in the movies

wednesday evening dates with matt are my favorite.
a few hours set aside, $20 to burn, a matinee with vanilla cola and pink icing cookies, and the sweetest fella a girl can get.

gene austin- everything's made for love

who knew wednesdays could be the most sentimental night of the week?


date nights

hope everyone is having a good weekend!
matt has been busy working so max and i have been sneaking out on little dates. 
friday night i took him to the 1950's drive in down the street to see cars 2.
we packed the car full of blankets and pillows and camped out on the hood of my car under the stars.
i fell asleep.
but max told me it was a great movie.
oh, i'm a terrible date.