berries and heat strokes

whether you think strawberry picking in a massive heatwave is a good idea or not, my sister amy and me and max did it!

i have wonderful memories of strawberry picking with my mom and sisters and i have been trying to do that for me and max. i was determined to make a memory this year. literally. i used that term to the point where max told me in total heat exhaustion "i don't want to make a memory". hmph. well...jokes on him, because we totally made one anyways. zing!

we scoured the fields for berries...some to take home and some for our bellies. (warm strawberries are divine) and left with full buckets and a little bit of a heat rash.

summer is just around the bend...


  1. I went strawberry picking today too! It was so much fun - I haven't been in about 10 years, and I think I appreciate it even more now. I'm glad you and Max got to make a memory. :)

  2. I Love the Close-up of you. Stunning, girl.

  3. i love the two photos of you... they're just gorgeous!

  4. Emma K is a lucky little girl. She looks so like you! Lovely. The heat stroke memory thing was hilarious!


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