The kids started back to school this week...preschool and 5th grade (BIG!). This is Max's last year going to our Montessori school. We're gearing up for big changes to come for him and enjoying these last bits of he and Phoebe being together at the same school. It's not a bad gig to have your big brother/best friend looking out for you everyday.

We've been fumbling a bit trying to get back into a routine...it's been a real circus around here. One with flying clothes and shoes too big...disappearing lunches and death-grip tearful goodbyes. Needless to say, we are dragging our feet out of summer. And while we're waiting for that old-hat feeling to settle back in, it's helping to practice the art of stepping back and letting my kids do and be and see what sticks on their own. Knowing that as much as they need my advice and presence and to have my act together they also need me to just be okay with the mismatched clothes they picked out...and to be able to walk away during the tearful goodbyes because we both know she'll be fine the second I'm gone. 

And when all else fails, ice cream after school is the healer of all things. And weekends. Weekends are welcomed too.


By The Seashore

Hatteras Island, N.C

We spent our last week of Summer vacation by the ocean with family...spending our everyday hunkered down in the sand...dipping toes in cool water and equal parts hiding pale skin from the sun and trying to convince Phoebe Girl to get into the pool. There were seashell hunts by day and big family dinners by night...sore thighs from scaling the lighthouse (Max came with me this year!) and lots of moments to breathe in salty air and feel forever thankful for another beautiful summer together.



Fletcher's Pond- Hillman, MI

 We took our annual trip up north to fish last month for Matt and his twin brother Todd's birthdays. It was peaceful and calm and comforting in the way only traditions or rituals can do to you. You step foot on the ground and breathe in the air and your mind and spirit go onto instant autopilot. You fall hard into the rhythm of the water...the foggy still mornings and brilliant napping afternoons and starry deep nights. It's such an unassuming place but I don't have any trouble romanticizing it one bit.

Max came home with whopper fish stories and tales of getting caught in the storm of all storms, just him and Matt and their tiny boat. Phoebe learned to work a reel and wouldn't pass up any chances to touch fish scales or swing a lure into your back. We added a new guy to the family and brought him along with us. His name is Wilbur and he's been the sweetest puppy you could ask for...a real fine fit. 


Ice Cream Party

Our Phoebe girl is bonkers for ice cream...with sprinkles...always with sprinkles. For her birthday this year we threw her a little afternoon ice cream party at home with family. Loads of ice cream and sweet things to put on top, with soda floats and malt shop music on the side. It was a nice way to celebrate our beautiful growing girl...3 going on 13.


Happy days

Time and moments seem to be racing these days. And just when we start to settle in the axis shifts just enough to keeps us on our toes. A kind reminder to flow in and out of growth and change like cool running water...to be present in a moment and to move on to next without lingering too long. Where nothing is too precious but everything has meaning. I keep telling Matt that these are our happy days...and so, much of it has been spent with my camera down and my spirit lifted. I also got really addicted to this season on The Bachelorette. haha. Hmph.
Our summer babies turned another year older last month (3 and 11! ack!). Our shoulders are red from the sun and regular bedtime has become a story I hardly remember anymore. We're slowly packing for our week away at the ocean...my favorite way to send off the summer and get some rest before the school year begins. Phoebe talks daily about plans of finding seashells and somehow I think I've raised her right. 

Here's hoping this finds everyone well! As much as I've found a lot of peace with the space not blogging has given me...I've truly missed you all. I've got pictures from Phoebe's birthday and our fishing trip up north that I've been meaning to come and sit down here...fingers crossed this week.
 Love and love and happy summer to you!