i woke up max this morning with a cookie and a love note. we laid in his bed and gabbed about the way the light is changing in the mornings and how the birds and their song are seeming happier---small signs that become a welcomed lifeline when the thick of winter closes in. and then we got cookies crumbs everywhere...

things have been good here. life has a funny way of getting more complicated and all together more simplified all at the same time. we're enjoying the mash...or anyways, it's spicing up life around here and who knew it was needed?

i've been doing lots of painting and working on a new spring grouping of pieces for the shop (coming in march!). i moved my studio home in the fall...and while i ache for that old brick loft...the practicality of stealing away moments to work while at home with my little ones is where it's at! the painting above was a commissioned piece-- packaged and shipped away to australia last week. it's been the biggest hoot getting to send my work out into the world! for a gal who hasn't traveled much, it does so much good for this wanderlusting heart.

sending love and gratitude to you all. and happy happy valentine's day! matt and i have a sitter and no plans in sight. it's going to be a fly by the seat of our pants/go to bed before 9 o'clock kind of wild date night.



museum day

museum days to beat cabin fever. beautiful art and little feet echoing across big open rooms--fingers touching things they shouldn't. a new world for sis to appreciate and love...


1 1/2

i turned 31 last week...and the very same day phoebe sue woke up a new woman of one and a half. if ever there were a time to lament bygones and baby cheeks it would be now! sis is in full swing these days...wild and ornery and funny and beautiful and getting bigger and bigger for her tiniest britches every day. she loves thomas the train, peeling oranges, choking friends, sleeper-holding dolls, and doing the cupid shuffle. she goes bonkers for her brother, sticks treasures in her cheeks like a squirrel, hates brushing her teeth and feels water-boarded whenever i try to wash her hair. if the house is too quiet you can find her stealing away up in max's room, reading books or markering on the wood floors. her moods sway with the style of coat she has on...her red coat alter-ego: "rhoda"- sassy, confident, direct. her camel coat: "estelle"- sweet old-souled busy-body. 

we keep telling bee to stop and stay awhile as she is...but everyday is a new word, a funny discovery, a changing girl. life with a phoebe sue is a hoot...and a half.


chill in the weather

chilliest days are for no school and double socks...for basking in frosted-over window panes and little ones catching up on quiet messy projects (brought on purely by a boy grounded from all technology in the house and a phoebe who discovered the allure of the clicky pen).
these kinds of days stretch and stretch...for better or worse. fingers are crossed for normalcy tomorrow...in the meantime, i wonder what my chances are of tricking the kids into a nap?

p.s. new year, new blog design! isn't it something special? this one is for keeps. a million thank you's to suzana at THISGIRLDESIGN. i can't recommend her services enough...best $35 i've ever spent. hooray!


love letter 2013

dear 2013: an open letter

if ever there was a year for growth and change and lessons that will knock you on your tail it was you. you were my mirror kind of year...my take a good look, turn 30 off the bat, live out some dreams then take a step back year. you made me a bit braver...feel smaller...be a touch more still.

you brought the fullness of family around in pinch-myself moments. sea legs and dancing feet and first birthdays to our phoebe...a whole wide world opening at her tips. to max you were trophies and music and wearing the same size shoe was mama...you were falling in love and learning hard-knocks and laughing every bit of the way.

you were filled to the brim with wedding planning and apple picking and vacations in all sorts of directions...hard working and kinfolking and a shop opening to boot. you were forget to get out of my pajama days and an extra 15 pounds...but here's the rub--your year taught me that everything is ok. it's ok! dropping balls and stepping back and ditching perfection. it's ok....if not better.

you weren't the flashiest year--at times you looked a bit peaked and drab. you didn't ask for much and in doing so gave us all sorts of goodness to take into the coming year....and for that i will remember you forever fondly!



sending best and best and blessings to you all this new year! i'm so excited for what's to come...more painting and new ventures and getting hitched to my guy already (may!)! i know things have slowed down around here and who knows what will happen next, but i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and love and support. we're lucky folks...

happy new year, friends!