Fall time in Ohio

Bayer's Farm- W 3rd, Dayton, OH. October 2014

The cool hues of summer have turned tide to the warmth of an Ohio autumn...blood moons and burning bright trees and golden field stalks of corn. It's always the best kind of surprise when you wake up one day and realize a season is finally set into place. When a porch is suddenly covered in Phoebe's favorite "punkys" and the sewing box comes out to sew long lost buttons on coats or start off the beginnings of a wonky homemade costume. It's all enough to set off a lit spark inside that keeps good company through the promise of winter and colder days. 

Sending love to you all and your October. 


Phoebe goes to school

Phoebe girl started the toddler program at Max's school this week! 3 half days away with friends...busy with projects and eating snacks and ready to give the most delicious hugs a mom could ever dream up when the day is said and done and I come to pick her up. Max is the best kind of brother, peeking out his classroom window at her, checking to make sure she's ok. It's a beautiful thing, watching your little ones find their footing together. So far so good!


summer's end in hatteras

Hatteras, N.C- August 2014

Max started back to school last week and we're slowly falling back into old rhythms and routines. We managed to squeeze in one last week away at the beach before school and it was a fine way of soaking up all the last good bits that summer has to offer. Lazing in the sand, bouncing between sun and shade, seashell hunting and wave crashing and the best time hiding out with family. Max is our forever fish--brave and fearless, while Phoebe prefers streaking on the beach and chasing crabs and keeping a stern eye on the water.

The ocean is an endless gift of salt and contentment...it's certainly not lost on this Midwestern gal.


Mackinac Island

We took a day last week to sneak away from fishing and drive up the coast to Mackinac Island. All accidentally dressed in blue (typical), we did all the best kinds of touristy family things...eating hotdogs on the beach while Phoebe tried to kill seagulls, renting bikes to ride along the water, ice cream and people watching, visiting fudge shops and magic shops and romanticizing a life lived on such an island (there's a library on the beach!). It was a really beautiful day, and although I think everyone prefers the slow and steadiness of being on the lake fishing, it was nice to have a new adventure together...carving out a little bit of time for just the four of us.



We just got back from a week away with family in northern Michigan, fishing the floodwaters and celebrating Matt and his twin brother Todd's birthday. This place is really special to Matt's family, steeped with lots of tradition, and it's been really wonderful sharing it together and also with Max's dad and 2nd mama (our Jess and Sara)...and this year with Max's nana and papaw (Jesse's parents) in tow as well. One big beautiful mash of a family filling up on chilly mornings and Scrabble afternoons, swaying together in metal boats on calmest water--big family dinners and bunk bed nights and the craziest sky full of stars that you'll ever meet.

By the end of the week, Phoebe girl had made peace with the hot pink life jacket that she hated so much and Max had prided himself in trying and almost catching every species of fish in the water. These kinds of days away from home are the best kind for stirring up and easing down a restless summer soul...a reminder that a shaded hammock and a good climbing tree can trump just about anything.