Phoebe talks about "Mingos" (Flamingos) at least twice a day, everyday. We're not sure where or how she got so attached to them, but I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that they're very very pink. I spruced up a store-bought flamingo costume with lots of scalloped fabric and hot glue and we met my sister Amy and nephew Juju for tricks and treats.

Maxy decided he has officially reached spoilsport-age and is too old to dress up. And I'm sorry to say I've been taking the news like a real sad sack! Change is always strange, but especially so when traditions or stuffing your kids into funny costumes is involved. 

Nevertheless, it was a hilarious night with these two little ones. It turns out flamingo Phoebe is a candy mooch who, when left to her own devices, refused to leave a porch without a second or third helping...and poor Juju at one point was found banging himself up against a tree in some sort of robot, short-circuited, candy stupor. It was wild and funny and stressful in the kind of endearing way that only 3 year old's can get away with. Just as it should be.

Happy happy Halloween, friends!



Last leaves are falling and greyer skies have settled in. There's a whole lot of beautiful in all of the rot and the gloom and way the cold is starting to cut--when the ending and beginning of seasons meld together bringing about a comforting jumble of melancholy and anticipation. I swear this time of year does it to me every time.

We've been trying to squeeze in all the last bits of all the fall things before Monday comes and Christmas music starts to play on the radio and I start the slow burn of wearing my family out with insentient Christmasing.  Until then, we're lighting our jack o' lanterns and hot gluing costumes and standing still, even if just for a moment, to take in this final push of fall-time in Ohio.


Now and now and now

October, 2015- Photos by my wildly talented friend Jenny Haas

“Remember, remember, this is now, and now, and now. Live it, feel it, cling to it. I want to become acutely aware of all I’ve taken for granted.”- Sylvia Plath



Phoebe isn't a real "heart on your sleeve" type person...she's a little timid and guarded and shy with her emotions or with new experiences and people. It's a funny side of her that is made even more beautiful when you see her letting go and giving in and you know it's true joy. Yesterday was her first ballet class...and that girl was all in! Squeals and shrieks and dancing in the street with for real abandon and confidence and happiness.

We signed her up with the Dayton Ballet. It's a treat to get to be downtown and take the gold elevator up with the pro dancers...to be surrounded by so much history and costumes in such a beautiful building like the Victoria. The whole thing makes my heart zing zing! Not to mention little pink leotards and hair wrapped tight in buns. But the icing is our girl...stepping out of her comfort zone in tiny soft pink ballet shoes and finding what makes her heart zing zing on its own.



I recently did some branding work with Lily Del Soap Co. They're using my "Laura" painting on their packaging and website and it's really something to see the finished product...to see the new life this painting has been given, from your homes in print form to an accent on beautiful soaps! I get the biggest kick out of all of it.

Lily Del was just featured in the August issue of Southern Living Magazine and was picked as a nominee for Martha Stewart's American Made 2015 Awards. They are kindly offering a bubble bath giveaway in your choice of scent to one of you! (I just ordered the Caramel & Tobacco!)

To enter, just go "LIKE" their facebook page. They'll draw a winner tomorrow! Best of luck!

Product photos courtesy of Lily Del / Photographer Stephen DeVries