Things made new

Easter/Spring 2015

And just like that we've fallen into our springtime rhythm...greens and blossoms and dirt under the nails as if it never snowed and we never lost our breath from the cold. Phoebe girl plants bare toes onto rainy grass and takes off like a caged being on the lam. Muddy wellies and hooded things replace heavy coats and scarves and we take in gulps of fresh air feeling forever grateful for all things made new again.


When the cold wind blows

My favorite part of late winter...giving in to that deep stillness in the air and the forced slow down of time and energy. These seasons are a blessing--cold air and the rumblings of spring light up even the darkest corners of a hibernating mind. And like clockwork, it makes me want to tear down walls and paint all the things and stick a million donuts in my mouth all at the same time. Comfort and patience, scheming, being, doing.

Happy happy February, friends!


Phoebe's big girl room

Happy happy New Year, friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We've been spending the last few weeks hunkering down together, soaking up the holidays and time with each other. The kids are back to school now and wheels are spinning trying to get back into the swing of things.

Sis got a big girl bed just after Christmas and a whole new sense of self along with it! Lots of shutting the door to be alone in her room...tucking everyone from babies to dada under her covers and tons of pretend sleeping (and not a whole lot of real sleeping). It's been funny and sweet to watch her take pride in a space for herself. Official big girl stuff around here!


Oh Christmas Tree

Snow gave way to rain just as Thanksgiving came and went. Thank goodness for the chilly air and boxes of new twinkle lights to keep things happy. We went to hunt down our tree for Christmas with my sister Amy and her boys last week...my favorite tradition. Forever rows of beautiful greens and wagons pulled by red-bowed horses hauling away fresh cut trees. Sappy fingers and red baby noses and the stirring feeling of nothing but lighter hearts and a season of hope to come.


Snow globing

...and then it snowed, and my Christmas house doesn't look so crazy after all.

happy happy Monday, friends!