Oh Christmas Tree

Snow gave way to rain just as Thanksgiving came and went. Thank goodness for the chilly air and boxes of new twinkle lights to keep things happy. We went to hunt down our tree for Christmas with my sister Amy and her boys last week...my favorite tradition. Forever rows of beautiful greens and wagons pulled by red-bowed horses hauling away fresh cut trees. Sappy fingers and red baby noses and the stirring feeling of nothing but lighter hearts and a season of hope to come.


Snow globing

...and then it snowed, and my Christmas house doesn't look so crazy after all.

happy happy Monday, friends!


November clockwork

This time of year always seems to bring out a funny, pensive side of myself...taking stock of a year and feeling a sudden itch to learn French or finish that scarf I've been meaning to finish for 3 years now. It's my November clockwork...photo-finish ambitions for a year. But sometimes it's just the idea of a year's-end-dream that can drive me...inspire me. It gets channeled into a painting or the most boring part of an afternoon at home with the kids. (that thousandth episode of Barney is way more tolerable when your head is lost in thoughts of speaking fluent French while wearing a lumpy, misshapen homemade scarf of yours!) And it always, ALWAYS, ends up in a prematurely decorated Christmas house.

Is it possible to be altogether proud and completely embarrassed that I already have the house fully decorated for Christmas (tree excluded)? First house in the neighborhood! (Which is saying something, as we live on a street where some people never take their decorations down).

I blame it on that scarf...


tricks and treats

Hoping you all had a Halloween as wonderfully sugared up and strange as ours was. Ours almost didn't come to be, with Max declaring himself too old to dress up this year and Phoebe panicking at the sight of the 50 lb Minnie Mouse ears and hat I was making for her. But it all shook out in the end (runny noses and weather be damned!) and just might turn out being our favorite tricks and treats yet! It's amazing what little/no expectations can do. haha. And never underestimate the power of a fixed-expression JFK mask to make any situation hilarious (or terrifying, depending if you ask Bee)... 
 Happy happy November, friends!


Fall time in Ohio

Bayer's Farm- W 3rd, Dayton, OH. October 2014

The cool hues of summer have turned tide to the warmth of an Ohio autumn...blood moons and burning bright trees and golden field stalks of corn. It's always the best kind of surprise when you wake up one day and realize a season is finally set into place. When a porch is suddenly covered in Phoebe's favorite "punkys" and the sewing box comes out to sew long lost buttons on coats or start off the beginnings of a wonky homemade costume. It's all enough to set off a lit spark inside that keeps good company through the promise of winter and colder days. 

Sending love to you all and your October.