oh so good

i was sitting in my backyard this afternoon, having a picnic with myself and thinking about my life (alone time will do that to a gal)...wishing i could climb the tree behind me and escape from the world just for a little bit like i used to when i was little. (i was a tree climber. others were shaving their legs and getting perms while i was hiding in a tree...a story i can live with after all these years)
i wondered what my 10 year old self would think of me now. if she would feel the least bit disappointed? i know she would be ecstatic about the dress or the fact that i have my drivers license or bathroom to myself. but would she feel like her dreams and aspirations were being honored? do you ever wonder that?

things can look pretty crummy on paper. and life's situations are less than ideal. and today while staring up into the tree and feeling so small, i got a tugging reminder that i'm not my piece of paper. or rather, i don't have to be. life is oh so good!

i think 10 year old katie would feel just fine about that. 
...and would definitely tell me not to wear those sneakers with that dress. not with a closet full of heels at my disposal.


  1. "but would she feel like her dreams and aspirations were being honored? do you ever wonder that?"

    oh yes, i do wonder about this. things in life definitely don't always turn out the way i had planned or dreamed, but i've realized that this isn't always wrong or bad... just different. :) i have to adapt to it, and even though sometimes i don't want to... i know my younger self would be proud of me. :)

    <3 you look so cute!

  2. If the present Katie is as wonderful as she is, it makes me wonder how adorable 10-year-old Katie was :]

    Amazing dress, by the way!

  3. I like the sneakers. 10 year old's aren't very practical, sometimes. It's okay to not be what you wanted to be. We forget what being what we want to be entails.

  4. i love the light in these photos. gorgeous!

    xo Alison

  5. hi katie, recently found your blog. it's lovely, you take the best pictures and i like your taste. l adore the roman holiday print you have. your party hats are divine, you make party hats, wear beautiful clothes and made an adorable little boy, i think ten your old katie would be proud. i totally understand those thoughts, how often i think them.

  6. Yes, I definitely do wonder what my young self would think of me now. Even thinking about how I was a year ago, I would never imagine that things would be how they are now. It's an interesting thing to pond that's for sure.


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