arcade and goats and a threat to summer

it's been unbearably hot and humid in ohio, making ice cream and indoor things mandatory. true story: heat brings out the worst in this redhead. my love affair with summer is hitting a rough and rocky road...why's he got to be like that?

we girls took the little ones out saturday and tried to keep the sweating and heat-induced attitude to a minimum with the cheap movie theater and arcade, ha ha's pizza, and young's for ice cream (key lime, yes please!) and goat petting. 

it didn't work. 
we came home drenched and dirty and smelling of goats.
dear summer, if you rain this weekend or next it's over!.

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  1. mmmmm, pizza and ice cream! what is it about pizza that brings instant happiness? i will totally admit that i had pizza twice this week for dinner, and it was so so so yummy!! (also, i love cold leftover pizza as a late night snack ;))


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