chicago chicago

we're back from our trip to chicago and are still catching our breath and digging through unpacked bags.
matt and me and his mama hopped and skipped and jumped it over a couple of states to visit matt's brother todd and his wife tonya and all their fabulous friends. 
i love visiting this city, but have never been in the fall before. it might be my favorite.
we ate amazing food and drank our weight in ginger ale (thanks to tonya's wine bar), got to sleep in and stay out late, explore on foot and ride in crazy taxi cabs, window shop and try on fancy hats....

and being the shameless gal that i am...we did all sorts of touristy nonsense...like taking a rickshaw ride downtown and a boat ride to the navy pier. ...watched magic shows and held hands by the lake.

...tucked ourselves away in the art institute gardens and enjoyed the weather with a side of quiet time and some coffee.
...got caught people watching...
...ordered way too much pizza and root beer
and had the loveliest weekend away...and todd and tonya were the best hosts!
really and truly, we left yesterday feeling so inspired and energized after being around such a beautiful city and even more beautiful people.
 dear chicago in fall, you are swell. 
you would be even better if max had gotten to come along though.

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  1. This is a really sweet blog! :) I just stumbled across it and as a result you know have a new follower! Keep up the good work!<3

  2. such lovely photos...the 12th one is so sweet!!

  3. Living vicariously through you right now, and wishing I had some of that pizza... but gluten free... :)

  4. looks like you had a great weekend! i loved chicago when i visited it, i was amazed at how clean the downtown was! pizza and root beer is the great combination!


  5. These pictures are so great! It looks like you have such a fun life.

  6. i was offered a job in chicago earlier this year, and looking at these photos - i almost wish i had taken it and moved there! ;) so magical.


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