i hope everyone's thanksgiving was a happy one. 
ours was rainy and chilly and busy but was spent with wonderful people and feeling pretty lucky and thankful. we have thanksgiving breakfast at my parent's house which makes for an early morning. max woke up grumpy and sad and in full tears over thinking he was going to be forced to eat turkey. i've never seen anyone cry over turkey first thing in the morning.
we spent the night before listening to christmas music and construction noises while building our first gingerbread house of the season. (first implies there will be more. max already ate the reindeer)
gingerbread house making is serious business around here
we forgot to let the icing set before decorating and it made our roof slide and open up to swallow all the gumdrops. i was told i was the worst and the best icer in the world in a 5 minute span. it was intense to say the very least. 
tonight we're going to dayton's christmas tree lighting and tomorrow we go to hunt and cut down our own! happy things all around.


  1. mmmm. i've always loved making gingerbread houses -- my birthday is dec 22nd and every birthday party i can remember as a child involved all my friends making them.

    that last picture is so sweet.


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