a good tree

the 3 of us went christmas tree hunting yesterday, just as the sun was setting, to find the perfect tree.
i've never had a real tree before so this was big business for me. it was a real lovely experience...clydesdale horses and warm fires and good trees (and some poor trees) as far as the eye could see. we settled on ours in 5 minutes flat. when you know, you know. this tree was beautiful and shapely and had our names on it. 
max and matt sawed it down and carried it away for us to love on and water and decorate. it's funny to me thinking of how long that tree has been sitting there growing and waiting for us. long before matt and i met, before max was even born maybe. those kinds of things are so interesting to me.
christmas kismet.


  1. wow how fun! i've never knew about horse drawn hay rides to get your tree! makes sense though :)

  2. looks lovely. i've never had a real tree before either - hoping this is the year! also, loving your tights.

  3. awww so great! this year the mister and i are going to go shopping for a christmas cactus! we can't wait! going this saturday after my craft fair!


  4. I have been reading for a few weeks now, and don't even remember how I found you. However, I am digging what I read. Great blog!


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