making our rounds

i'm over at sometimes sweet today dishing on the cheap red lipstick i wear while danielle and her boys take a little vacation! hop on over if you've ever been curious or have a recommendation for a great red to try!

p.s. max's baseball party has been featured on a few amazing sites this week!
there is endless inspiration at these places. good grief!
go take a peek...



  1. ooh, i've been wondering about your red lippie for a while now... can't wait to go read your guest post!

  2. Congrats on all of the features, Katie! I'm going to go read about your lipstick right now. ;)

  3. I think I'm going to get the coral lipstick you mentioned. I really love it. Great post over on sometimes sweet!

  4. i love your blog...the words you write...the pictures...your way of life and by the way...your red lipstick!!!
    i found you over rachels blog and i´m so happy about this!!!

    liebgruss from germany

  5. If you ever DO want to splurge for a lipstick Mac's Russian Red is the perfect red lipstick. I'm sure people have recommended it to you on Sometimes Sweet, but I didn't go through all of the comments. And honestly, there are some new Cover Girl lipsticks that last all night. Literally. I woke up with some on.

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  7. saw the post on SS! I wish I could swing the red lips!

  8. revlon coral is my fave! i also use carnation, a bright pink..

    i am relatively new (ie about 1 month!) to wearing lipstick - with the brighter ones like coral it does end up lasting longer on the outside of my lips so it looks like i have bad lipliner! but then the underlying stain lasts a long time (like overnight) - do you have any tips for making it stay on a more evenly spread basis?

    Katie x

  9. PS i tried to reply on sometimes sweet but the link wouldn't work :( i think something to do with bloglovin? thanks for introducing me to her blog though!



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