the a-z of me and max

i spied this questionnaire over at liz's blog yesterday and thought max and i would play along! such a fun idea...a chance to get to know us a little bit better. (plus max's answers are hilarious in a way that only a 7 year old boy answering odd questions from his mom can pull off)

A. Age: 28 and 7, respectively
B. Bed size: (mama) full...i dream of days of a californa king with matt's elbow not in my face. (max) 5 inches?
C. Chore that you hate: (mama) cleaning out the car. mine is an embarrassment of clutter and sticky (max) cleaning my room because it's boring
D. Dogs: (mama) i spent the better part of my morning today looking at google images of mr. winkle. (max) i think that my dog is so adorable...it's name is mimi.
E. Essential start to your day: (mama) space...i like to have a little time to myself to sort things out. (max) get dressed, brush my teeth so i can get ready for school.
F. Favorite color: (mama) pantone color deck. don't make me choose. (max) that's easy. black.
G. Gold or Silver: (mama) ghetto gold. it's my weakness. (max) silver. wait, what color is silver?
H. Height: (mama) 5'3" hmph! short. (max) 5 feet? maybe 6.
I. Instruments you play: (mama) i used to play piano and the flute when i was little...now i can play a mean panpipe. (max) drums, guitars, piano, trumpet, air saxophone (mama makes me play air sax in the car)
J. Job title: (mama) freelance artist (max) dancer
K. Kids: (mama) my clock is ticking (max) i don't want kids
L. Live: (mama) ohio (max) dayton, ohio
M. Mother’s name: (mama) sue (max) katie
N. Nicknames: (mama) everyone in my family calls me t. my nephew austin started calling me "ma'tee" when he was a baby. it stuck and even though he can clearly say katie now at age 12...he still isn't allowed to. (max) maddox b, bubb, maxy, maxino, and momoxo? and uuuuh, mamax!
O. Overnight hospital stays: (mama) when i had max. i had to have a c-section but left early. i couldn't bear another breakfast of mylanta. (max) N.O
P. Pet peeves: (mama) awkward phone silence. and unnecessary abbreviations (max) old ladies that are smaller than cars and you can't resist their smallness.
Q. Quote from a movie: (mama) it's a wonderful life: "what do you want? you want the moon? just say the word and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon, Mary". (max) "harry potter...you are crazy" (?)
R. Right or left handed: (mama) right! (max) right...leeff...right. and my left.
S. Siblings: (mama) i have 3 older sisters (max) noooo. i think that my brother, if i had a brother and a sister, they are crazy.
U. Underwear: (mama) the worst. i'm not too girly about such things. i think i still wear a bra from high school too. ack! (max) (looking down pants at underwear)....grey, blue, white!
V. Vegetable you hate: (mama) cooked carrots are on the top of my mortal enemy list. (max) carrots. vegetables. i hate everything in the world. (<----brooding teenager already)
W. What makes you run late: (mama) come hell or high water...i pride myself on being on time! until max and matt came along...(max) just keep staying in bed and my mom keeps waking me up and my mom is crazy and sings good morning songs to wake me up.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: (mama) i had scoliosis when i was 12. they had to take spine x-rays. and to this day i still have one leg a tad bit longer than the other. (max) x-ray vision
Y. Yummy food that you make: (mama) i serve up a mean taco night. (max) peanut butter and jelly
Z. Zoo animal: (mama) puffins. and jellyfish. but really just puffins. (max) giraffe, zebra, elephant, tiger, wolf, werewolf, giants, giant panda.

p.s. max does not play the trumpet. but he most definitely is a dancer! link up in the comments if you want to try your own a-z! and thanks so much to liz for the inspiration!


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  2. I love Max's answers, but mostly I love that someone else loves puffins the same way I do! My blog and my zine were both named after different nicknames for puffins.

  3. My favorite answer of Max's is his pet peeves....so funny!!


  4. "Old ladies that are smaller than cars and you can't resist their smallness." Perfect!

    I also like that Max likes werewolves and giants!

    You are such a cute family.

  5. I love that Max answered too! Too cute. I did this earlier today as well -


  6. love this! I'll probably have to do it soon :)

  7. Max's answers are so cute, I love how one of his favourite zoo animals is a werewolf, haha. This was a great little survey, thank you for sharing :)

  8. Love this! I should try this with my daughter even though she's only two. My favorite answer of Max's is "X-ray vision" :)


    "(max) old ladies that are smaller than cars and you can't resist their smallness. "

    this made me laugh out loud. Thanks, Max! <3

  10. How cute!! I pinched your idea and did one myself... it really makes you think doesn't it.

  11. Ok, I just need some elaboration on this: "old ladies that are smaller than cars and you can't resist their smallness." I need max to draw a picture or something so I can wrap my mind around this one, haha!

  12. Lu-u-uv M's pet peeve. Whatever the heck it means.

  13. love the part about the old ladies--SO freaking funny!!! and how cute is this picture? so great!

  14. Max's pet peeves had me giggling - what a sweetie!

  15. Hahaha. Max is so funny! I have scoliosis too. And my legs are different lengths. XO, Rae


  16. hahaha "old ladies that are smaller than cars and you can't resist your smallness."

    And I love the pictures. <3

  17. max is too awesome...old ladies' smallness and x-ray vision and he dances for a job! love!

  18. i love that you incorporated max! so cute. kinda funny, i started this same exact post this morning. i saw it over on caitlins blog.


  19. Too cute. I love "wait, what color is silver?" :)

  20. Ohh, Max. From your face covered in lipstick to your weakness for small old ladies, you're a real gem.

  21. Love it! I had to join you :)


  22. I love Max's answers. So cute.

    I did one too


  23. Max is hilarious! Seriously, werewolf and giants at the zoo. It's too much!
    I love the It's a Wonderful Life quote. I reference that line, and several others from that movie, all the time.

  24. How fun! Who doesn't like getting to know someone through their ABCs! I loved Max's answer for his bed and how tall he was!


  25. hehe max is so cute! especially the old lady comment!

    here is mine: http://www.thecolumbusdiaries.com/Site/Blog/Entries/2011/9/14_a-z_of_brett_%26_me.html

  26. hahaha i love his vegetable answer. "i hate everything in the world". good luck with that one :)

  27. this is so cute! Max is hilarious!

  28. What a cute idea! Had fun reading your's and Max's answers and then filling it out myself!


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  30. such a fun activity!

    here is my attempt:



  31. LOL max is so funny!


  32. thought this was cute and funny, and stumbled upon it at just the right time.

  33. EEK! This was hilarious. Thank you, Max, for making me laugh.

  34. Ahhhhahahah werewolf made me laugh with glee :D

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