apple tree farm

i'm sure by now you all are a bit tired of me gushing on and on about fall...but will you indulge me one last post? and i promise to not jump into christmas too soon! but i have to be honest...christmas music is already being played on the radio here! 
(which is a dangerous thing for a gal like me with very little holiday self control)
and if i'm being completely honest, i'd have to tell you that i listen to christmas music all year round, especially if i'm feeling down. it's my happy place. 
but this is supposed to be about fall....

my favorite place to visit this time of year is the apple tree farm!
we've been taking the little ones there for years and years...when they were actually little ones! 
matt and i took max and my nephew and niece this past sunday for a bit of last minute fall romping in hay, getting lost in corn mazes, squealing at baby goats, bumpy hayrides, and warm donuts.

it's been such a lovely fall!
and i'm so happy we got to squeeze in one last bit of fall goodness at the farm.

p.s. besides being a mama, is there anything better than getting to be an aunt? especially when they share your reddest red hair!


  1. Oh I definitely share your extreme love for fall! I think it's the subtle sweet smell that gets me. And I'm definitely guilty for listening to Christmas music way before the holiday. Especially since She&Him's new Christmas album came out! It's soooo good.
    Looks like everyone had an amazing time at the farm! There aren't many things cuter than a baby cow...

  2. I love how much you adore fall :) These posts help me forget that it'll be winter soon :-/

  3. I love the posts about fall (and can't wait for the holiday ones too). Not gonna lie, I may have started playing Christmas music yesterday... There are no more big holidays in Canada until Christmas, so I feel like it's somewhat justified.



  4. This is so funny! I actually just posted the photos from our apple picking adventure today on my blog! It was the first time that we had ever been and I just loved it!
    Looks like you guys had such a fun time! I love the sign that just says Hi! Made me smile!
    And the kiddos have gorgeous red hair!
    Hope you still have some more fall time left!


  5. Picking apples has been high on my list of fall to dos! I'm so hoping we find time to squeeze it in before it's too late. Your pictures are making me even more determined!

  6. It's close to impossible not to love fall - you're totally excused. ;)

    p.s. I love the hair color in your family!


  7. I'm definitely not tired of you gushing on and on about fall. Ohio in the fall looks so much like Minnesota in the fall. Beautiful photos, as always.

  8. My goodness! Your neice is a dead-ringer for you. So funny. And you're so right about being an aunt...
    Happy Fall :)

  9. Samantha erin! Me too! I actually was listening to it as I posted this fall entry. Haha. Terrible! I can't help myself!

  10. I am from Ohio but have lived in the South for 8 years and oh, your Fall photos are making me miss it! I love the Ohio sign with the apples! And the photos of your niece are lovely, she looks just like you! Thanks for sharing the Ohio goodness!

  11. beautiful photos, what an amazing farm. Looks like you all had a great day :)
    hugs tereza

  12. talk about fall all you want - it's my favorite season but it's so short :( I've never been apple picking!

  13. i LOVE all your fall posts. keep it up. i'm living vicariously through people who actually get leaves changing colors... :)

  14. Ah you beautiful people and your beautiful blog - it's my favourite blog of all but shhhh don't tell the others. Do more fall, I overdo every season and festival completely. Sam x

  15. I want to crawl into these pictures and stay there forever. Everything about fall is magical.

    Also, redheads are the best ever.

  16. loving the autumn posts! and i am so guilty of listening to christmas music in july because that's when it's cold here in australia and that's when i feel festive. but i reckon sufjan stevens christmas music is perfect any time of year :)

  17. I'm about to be an auntie! So excited!


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