katie and patsy

patsy cline- stop look and listen

november tuesday's are made for two helpings of afternoon pumpkin pie and toe tapping with patsy! she really knows how to keep a gal company...
all the windows are flung open and i'm taking in every last bit of the warm weather today. 

there's a chance of snow on thursday and max and i have our fingers crossed for it!

p.s don't remind me i said that when i complain of ohio winter come february...



  1. Lucky! Send some of your snow down here. xo, rv


  2. You are always such a positive person-- it is really refreshing. How do you keep up the optimism and good spirits? (Not that I think you have a reason to be down, I just usually am and am trying to be a more positive person myself)

    Also, I'm pinning and stealing that red orange and white color combo!

  3. Love your positivity. Enjoy the warmth indeed - I spent a winter in Ohio and that Lake Effect was ROUGH. I live in Maine though so can't talk much :)

  4. So glad you listen to vinyl :)
    Love your blog and the tree decals on your walls and your outfit....I could go on you know!

  5. YOU DON'T EVEN REALIZE HOW MUCH I LOVE PATSY CLINE! When I listen to her tunes I'm always taken back to riding in the car with my cousin and aunt, all of us bobbing our heads and singing along!

  6. i've been listening to my patsy cline station on pandora a ton lately and loving it. (i realize that doesn't get me as many points as listening to it on vinyl would ;)i love the simplicity of this post!

  7. I need me some Patsy Cline records!


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