a tuesday

a summer tuesday:  1. max and his bb gun // 2.-3. morning room and morning brother hugs // 4. phoebe's favorite rug..she can't pass it by without laying her cheek against it // 5. someone knows how to climb up the furniture and muss up the frames on the wall // 6. lunch clipped from the garden // 7. that someone also is getting brave...walking-on-her-own brave! // 8.-9. pulling weeds and washing up phoebe in the kitchen sink // 10. bub cooling off

today has been about embracing the chaos and soaking up the sweet stuff that passes by much too quickly. (how is it july already?!)...it's also about trying not to have a meltdown at the party store while ordering balloons. haha. i might need a vacation...

p.s. bee's romper is c/o winter water factory! they are having a 40% off everything sale right now in celebration of the 4th of july! go go go!


  1. I can't believe we are already in July and that little romper is pretty adorable.

  2. I just love the colors in these photos and the way you put them in collage!!! SO pretty!

  3. These photos are perfection! Plus im disappointed to see that that romper doesn't come in an adult sized dress for me :) haha x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

  4. oh bee is getting so big!

  5. That romper is so great, I'm forwarding to a friend about to have her first baby (a girl!).

  6. what an oh so lovely tuesday. beauty-full.

  7. Beautiful pics, as always! And yes, sometimes when you're melting down over balloons, it's time for some self care...vacations are good for that, as are cups of tea (or glasses of adult beverages) or simple walks alone in the park ;-)

    Hope you have a gorgeous weekend!


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