love letter 2013

dear 2013: an open letter

if ever there was a year for growth and change and lessons that will knock you on your tail it was you. you were my mirror kind of year...my take a good look, turn 30 off the bat, live out some dreams then take a step back year. you made me a bit braver...feel smaller...be a touch more still.

you brought the fullness of family around in pinch-myself moments. sea legs and dancing feet and first birthdays to our phoebe...a whole wide world opening at her tips. to max you were trophies and music and wearing the same size shoe was mama...you were falling in love and learning hard-knocks and laughing every bit of the way.

you were filled to the brim with wedding planning and apple picking and vacations in all sorts of directions...hard working and kinfolking and a shop opening to boot. you were forget to get out of my pajama days and an extra 15 pounds...but here's the rub--your year taught me that everything is ok. it's ok! dropping balls and stepping back and ditching perfection. it's ok....if not better.

you weren't the flashiest year--at times you looked a bit peaked and drab. you didn't ask for much and in doing so gave us all sorts of goodness to take into the coming year....and for that i will remember you forever fondly!



sending best and best and blessings to you all this new year! i'm so excited for what's to come...more painting and new ventures and getting hitched to my guy already (may!)! i know things have slowed down around here and who knows what will happen next, but i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and love and support. we're lucky folks...

happy new year, friends!


  1. In 2013 I discovered you... From Barcelona! Hope that 2014 will be full of positive energy! Happy new year!!

  2. So much goodness in your 2013! Here's hoping you have a fantastic 2014 :)


  3. I am so happy to have found your blog this year! Your family is adorable and I love the way you write and the photos you take...it's such a happy creative space here.

    Happy New Years and looking forward to all your goodness in 2014. ♥♥

  4. oh, such a sweet letter and lovely words… thank you. happy new year to you too

  5. always one of my favorite blogs! happy new year pretty lady! excited to continue to read and enjoy your blog!

  6. Lovely post :) Have a blessed year ahead.

  7. I am so happy about your shop! I received two prints for Christmas and they are perfect!!

  8. Can't wait to see what 2014 brings! :)

  9. Can't wait to see what 2014 brings! :)

  10. Great blog :) Welcome to Us
    Patricia & Daniel


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