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a few snaps from the past month...warmer days and a cluttered house and lots of time spent out together. this coming saturday was supposed to be our wedding day. we decided a few months ago that the timing wasn't right and postponed things for a bit. matt and i get the dundie award for "world's longest engagement". haha. ack! i finally just packed away my dress in a trash bag in the back of my closet, and what i thought might feel depressing felt like a little bit of a relief. these are busy days...no time to be wedding frazzled! 

i hope you all had a beautiful mother's day celebrating the women in your life. matt and the kids got me boat loads of flowers and a new bike. for the past 7 or 8 years i've been riding a perfectly rusty malibu cruiser that we found in the trash...haha...and it wasn't until they gave me my shiny new one that i realized i've never had a brand new bike before! it was a good day...and one that left me feeling full on gratitude and love and heaps of admiration for all of the amazing mothers and examples of mothers i have in my life. plus, i got to take a nap, so...

p.s. how is it nearly the middle of may already? 


  1. I love the essence of all of your photos. And a wedding day will be amazing, when the time is right!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I cannot believe how old Phoebe looks in these photos. My phoebe is growing so fast too and is talking UP A STORM. Full sentences.

    Love the new bike!

    Here is our day in China Town for Dim Sum.


  3. Weddings should not be rushed. They are a day to celebrate love, not to rush around in a frazzle. Waiting for the right moment is the wisest thing you both can do!

    Happy bike riding x

  4. May is about to kick my butt between sports, end of school stuff, work, and home life. I love your tile wall in the bathroom.

  5. i wasnt on your blog for a couple of months but have reread all your posts since that. your babygirl is so tall and lovely! time runs, ugh!

  6. the essence of your blog makes me want to lie down and rest for a bit, get up and be creative, then lie down and ponder for awhile :)
    your kiddos just won't stop growing! I love the name phoebe so much, I need something new to name...
    I was hoping for a peek at your dress...

  7. oh wow, your kids are getting SO big! and beautiful.

  8. Your photos are always so soothing and whimsical and gorgeous -- style envy going on LIKE WHOA over here :)

    And personally, I think the messy bits of life can (sometimes) be the best. Love these photos.

  9. s m i l e. your pictures make me do that.

  10. so clear, bright and happy photos.... i always trying to make a photo like yours, with the composition and lovely color. what a lovely house :)

    thank you, your photos is being one of my inspiration in my own photography :)

    (my own photo blog)

  11. my darling and i are going on 8, maybe 9 years engaged (who can remember?) and still no wedding. so, that dundie award might be mine.. HA! :) we are thinking of eloping this fall.. hopefully it will work out this time!! timing is everything.. you will know when it's perfect.

    btw, did you two move? the house looks amazing!! especially w/ all your paintings on the wall and laying around. so lovely!! such a wonderful vibe.

    and, as usual, max and phoebe are just precious.. always full of smiles!

  12. Wow! Beautiful pictures. :)


  13. oh i just love that photo of your new bike and flowers! frame worthy i say!!!

  14. Absolutely beautiful photos, I really love your bike. Weddings should most definitely not be rushed- it'll be worth the wait. Also loved the dundies reference!
    Faye | freckles-and-all.com

  15. your photography is absolutely inspirational.

  16. LOVE the bike. i have one so similar! hope your mother's day was fabulous.


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