new print in shop

hi, friends! hoping your june is starting off real fine! max is officially out of school and we've been easing our way into a summer routine...

i put a new print in the shop this morning! you may remember it from a blog update a few months ago. my spring print update went by the wayside when commissions and work for KINFOLK stacked up...but i'm so happy to get to throw this piece into the mix. "Laura" is a bundle of vintage-tea stained cream peonies and olive leaves...streaks of greys and greens. i just saw a sample of it at my printers last week--oh, it looks really lovely on paper.

as for us, it's been forever rainy days and stuffy noses around here...a bursting garden, pajama days, paint and popsicle sticks every which way. max and bee are getting ready to turn 10 and 2, respectively. it's definitely a time to stop and soak things up. or sit and eat my feelings. haha. either one.



  1. I am so excited about this!!! I want to design a whole room around it! I know you are too busy to take requests but just in case . . . you did a painting of waves for one of the early kinfolk editions and it was the most exquisite painting of the ocean I've ever seen :) I eat my feelings too - at least we can be outside walking around more. happy summer to you!

  2. What a beautiful painting! You have a real gift.

  3. I love your writing style. Quick and to the point and all of your pictures are framed beautifully. Keep up the amazing work.
    Sophia Cunningham


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