max and bee had a birthday this week. we've been whooping and hollering and cheering and celebrating, with an extra side of cupcaking, everyday since their party sunday! i'm a firm believer in making a fuss over good people, and these two take the cake.

they are wild and funny and ornery as can be. they scrap and dance and nuzzle together like the truest of friends. max at 10 is witty and handsome--sensitive and stubborn and smart as a whip. he teaches me how to throw fast balls, has given his heart to a girl, dreams up all sorts of cockamamie hypotheticals on a daily, and still belly laughs at the best/worst kind of jokes. he has the best sense of humor in town. he's at that beautiful age where the world is your oyster and potential is boundless. being first baseman for the reds or becoming a youtube gamer celebrity is a possible as anything...and my goodness is it the best to remember what that feels like!

phoebe bee at 2 is funny and determined, independent and guarded and wise. she's still our old soul with the weirdest and best of quirks---like fake sneezing when she's excited...or asking to make eggs every 20 minutes (but never eating them). she's a true lady with her purses and her polish, but won't think twice about ripping your face off or rolling in the mud. she lives to nurture and care for her boys and her babies...to sing with eyes-closed-conviction into anything microphone-shaped...to go off adventuring on her own, but checking back every once in a while to see if "muk" is back yet (this gal is still on the boob...i'm officially the worst at weaning!). she is our darling and cherished girl...getting the hang of life and forging a bit of her own phoebe-shaped path.
together these two make life rich and full and hilarious. they are a gift through and through!

hoping your summer is going swimmingly, friends. birthday party pictures coming soon!


  1. Happy Birthday, Max and Phoebe! I love hearing about Max' dreams -- and I can totally picture that age of singing un-self-consciously into a microphone. How fun! This post made me happy :)

  2. 1) Good to see you! Lol like I know you or something - I just genuinely enjoy what you share about life and family. 2) Max! He's gotten studlier! That's not a word...

  3. This just made me grin all over. Such a vibrant, beautiful family.

  4. Oh my gosh.you're kids are so cute. And that's so fun having their birthday parties on the same weekend....


  5. gosh, great portraits :)
    xo, cheyenne

  6. Cockamamie. There's a great word! Totally will use that from now on. :)
    What beautiful siblings.

  7. Hi, I'm a new reader. I just stumbled across your blog recently and totally fell in love. Your photography is lovely, nut what I enjoy most is the knack you have for writing. It's so vivid, and magical. Your post where you got engaged, totally made me cry, it was perfect. Anyway, well done!


  8. Gahhh they are so cute! I always giggle a little when I remember they are the same ages as my two. :)

    Can't wait to see the party pics.

    jessica / www.teamwiking.com

  9. Happy birthday to both of them!! lovely post... and can't wait to see the birthday pictures :)

  10. Pheobe looks so much older! What a cutie. And I agree, Max is so handsome. I bet he would be great friends with my guy, telling farting jokes and dreaming up big plans. Happy home wishes to you.

  11. Beautiful, and I agree with the comments above; your writing gives life to the spaces between the pictures. Magical! x


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