November clockwork

This time of year always seems to bring out a funny, pensive side of myself...taking stock of a year and feeling a sudden itch to learn French or finish that scarf I've been meaning to finish for 3 years now. It's my November clockwork...photo-finish ambitions for a year. But sometimes it's just the idea of a year's-end-dream that can drive me...inspire me. It gets channeled into a painting or the most boring part of an afternoon at home with the kids. (that thousandth episode of Barney is way more tolerable when your head is lost in thoughts of speaking fluent French while wearing a lumpy, misshapen homemade scarf of yours!) And it always, ALWAYS, ends up in a prematurely decorated Christmas house.

Is it possible to be altogether proud and completely embarrassed that I already have the house fully decorated for Christmas (tree excluded)? First house in the neighborhood! (Which is saying something, as we live on a street where some people never take their decorations down).

I blame it on that scarf...


  1. I highly commend you. I so often lag behind in the holiday season, especially with the new year looming. I think you might have just inspired me to kick myself back onto the productive path though, so thank you!

  2. You are so talented! I would feel proud, if I get mine up for the day before a full take down- I'm doing good!


  3. This time of year always leaves me feeling rushed to accomplish more, More, MORE. And not necessarily in a negative "I need to catch up" kind of way. More like an inspired and hopeful and excited "I WANT TO DO/SEE/MAKE/LEARN ALL OF THE THINGS!" kind of way. I'm totally with you there, and I'm totally with you on the already being prepared for Christmas. I broke out the twinkle lights to frame the windows and the wreath for our front door before Halloween...

    And that painting? Perfection.

  4. Gorgeous mix of colors on that painting!
    And you made me laugh with your "prematurely decorated Christmas house" remark. :)
    Congratulations on an exquisitely beautiful blog, which of course I'm following as of today!
    A big hug from Portugal,

  5. Oh my ... That painting is simply stunning !

  6. I tend become overwhelmed by the added pressure of "showing up" during the holiday season. I never quite get to everything I hoped to accomplish.

    That painting is beautiful!



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