cloud gazing

mother's day was a little tough for me this year. i've had to make a lot of difficult decisions for me and max throughout the year...and all of it seemed to come to a head sunday. the good and the bad. and all the blessings of knowing we are all on the right path.
sundays are max's day with his dad, which left me a mother's day to myself.
matt met me with buckets full of flowers and took me to cincinnati to do a little bit of shopping and lay in the grass in eden park. we took a spin through the art museum and stuffed ourselves with dinner and silly conversation.

despite feeling a little somber this year...i'm a pretty lucky lady, indeed.
i hope all you mamas had a sweet little day.


  1. Oh, hooray! I love your new blog! And hooray for fresh starts!

  2. I'm glad your blogging on here now. I was sad when I couldn't comment on your old blog. I love your blogs, by the way.

    I'm so happy that you're happy and have found love again! I had to delete my old blog and start over too. Probably for the same reasons as you, but I'm glad I did. I'm glad your closing the door to the past and moving forward. So many good things happen when you finally close that door:)

  3. Even though you didn't have Max with you on Mother's Day, it seems like you had a lot of fun!

  4. hello dearest - this is rebelwings from livejournal. :) so stoked you're here... by the way, you two are beautiful. <3

  5. I am So excited for you! You and the bearded/spiffy dressed man make an awesome couple!

  6. dear katie, i love and miss you so very much ! my poor blog is a bit lonely these days as my life is changing, changing,changing. we need to swap addresses gain so that i can mail you happy little notes and such!
    ps i see we are both steadily adding to our collection of gorgeous body art lol


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