skidding away on the river

yesterday afternoon, we took a lazy trip down the river...sipping on bottled soda, tanning our feet, and getting stuck on rocks and logs. i was absolutely no help at all, and would have surely killed us if matt wasn't taking up the rear.   

we mostly had the river to ourselves and i can't remember the last time i felt such peace and contentment. everything was so beautiful and quiet and i kept eyeing the middle of the canoe...having such an urge to lay down and pretend to be anne shirely and the lady of chalat...although i guess a polka dot bathing suit and cut offs would hardly do.

from the middle of the river i kept spying little spots on shore i want to explore with max. it's as if a whole new world opened up. i love the possibilities that warm weather brings!

we had such a full weekend with family and friends...checking everything off of our memorial weekend list except for my hot dogs. matt was going to go as far as buying a grill tonight so that i could have a grilled hot dog (luckily rain came in and stopped him). 
what a guy!
happy memorial day, loves! 
public pools here we come.


  1. awww, what a perfect day!!

  2. you have red hair i think anne what allow you to use her identity! fun day, cokes in glass bottles are always so much better!

    thanks time fifty-nine hundred for "following" my blog. made my day!

    ps how do you make your fun party hats, paper, card stock?

  3. Oh Katie, I was just telling Levi that you make Ohio look so wonderful. I wish I had the ability to explore and find those great little spots during my time there. I have a problem with keeping to the familiar things.
    I've been away from blogging/the internet for a while now and when I went back to my friends list I was sad not to find any new updates on your and Max's adventures. I just had to trek a bit further back to find you had hopped sites and found your new beginnings here. I've looked over your latest posts and I'm absolutely thrilled for you and your fancy new beau. You all look so smitten, it makes my heart happy. I'm not sure when I'll be back in Ohio but I hope we can keep in touch and up to date with one another's lives here and maybe even as real U.S.Mail pen pals :D I truly miss you and Max to pieces and wish you the best in life and love and all of the rest. XOXO Andrea

  4. you rock the long red hair so well, katie... this makes me so happy that i'm letting mine get soooo long! and... you totally remind me of a beautiful mermaid. :) teehee, you really do!
    lovelove. <3

  5. p.s. and i totally squealed at the mention of anne shirley! my childhood hero. ;)

  6. im jealous! such a beautiful love <3

  7. I love your bathing suit! Where did you find it? I've been looking everywhere for a good polka-dotted suit!!

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  9. What an amazing adventure. I have to admit that I envy your little adventures. I'm happy for you and your new life. You're doing great! <3


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