6 is the new 30

today my little man turns 6!
i've been a big sad sack of nostalgia over all of this...and am trying to not give max a complex about aging. haha. ack! 6 has become my scary age for him...like 30 or 40 is for me. there is a certain maturity that comes with leaving 5 in your dust...like not wanting to wear sandals anymore because someone said they looked silly (but still for god knows why will insist on wearing socks and flip flops together)...or shutting the door when getting dressed and starting to construct "keep out" signs.  

but today i am full of genuine excitement for him! 
my tiny guy is a young man. he is the greatest joy of my life and the butter to my bread.

we had a picnic breakfast this morning for him with 6 donuts and 6 candles and plenty of smooching.
max's party is saturday...and i am knee deep in sewing superhero capes and hot gluing my fingers together. 
oh how i love a good party!
happy birthday, my lover!
i love ya, i love ya, love ya, love, i love ya. 10x52!


  1. Happy Birthday Max! My little guy turns 6 in November and my oldest turns 10 next year! Double digits! Oh no!!!

  2. awe happy b-day max!! (goodness weve been friends for three of maxs birthdays now!!!) awwwwe!!! lol ps go enter my giveaway on my blog!!!

  3. Oh my, I can't even believe that little man! I bet he's long forgotten about our courtship years ago. Sigh. Give him a great big smooch for me! and wish him the happiest 6th birthday from Levi and I.


  4. happy birthday, sweet max! goodness, i remember when i first started reading your livejournal, and he was so LITTLE. aahh. he's the cutest. i hope his party is fantastic! i wish you nothing but happy things, max. :)

  5. Happy birthday to him! :) Your parties always seem so perfect, I know you'll all have a great time! Love the donuts & candles.

  6. lucky guy to have such a party! i'm so impressed that you made capes and everything. and i love your yellow dress. so pretty!


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