max's superhero birthday bash went without a hitch...just as long as you don't ask matt about my 11th hour birthday party planning sass. it wasn't pretty...suffices to say, there were lots of raised eyebrow glances exchanged back and forth and questions as to whether he might be afraid of me (the answer was no). haha. i blame it on the heat.


the party was a hit! 
the weather was beautiful and max's little friends were sweet as pie in their capes and pizza sauce faces. matt strewed balloons all about and we made sure there was plenty of ice cream to go around (but not enough silverware for some reason...i ate mine with a fork.).

i made control panels for explosions and whatnot for all the little ones out of jello boxes and bendy straws. i found the tutorial here. there was also a beautiful cardboard box metropolis (that caused some of the sass) that was supposed to be used for knocking down and building back up. 
i think i threw the word "gingerly" around when explaining to max how to do it. 6 year old boys don't do anything gingerly. the city was destroyed in 10 seconds. flat. literally...they flattened the boxes.   
regardless, it was a real fine time!
max asked me last night how many days until he's 7. 
oh dear.


  1. coolest superhero party ever! <3

  2. katie you are wonderful and now i wish to go fly around the house with a blanky tied around my neck!!! :)

  3. I've been out of touch with my reader and I had no idea you'd moved! I've been reading you for a long time. I never comment (because I'm way too lazy) but I really enjoy reading you. I hope you're ok and the little big one had an amazing time. x

  4. Katie, I just love your photos. Such beautiful color!
    What a wonderful party--thank you for your post.

    So glad you liked the superhero control panel tutorial.

  5. thank you so much abbie! i always try to give party favors for max's friends that they can take home and throw in their dress up bins. your control panels were perfect!


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