shark week

we spent the day down in newport yesterday to see sharks at the aquarium and spend time having heat-induced panic attacks riverside. i can't even explain how hot it's been here. i have come to realize this summer that i clearly originated from snow people. this weather feels unnatural to me.
the aquarium was the perfect hideout from the heat. it has beautiful ocean life and glass tunnels underwater...jellyfish and penguins and sharks and sea turtles. oh the sea turtles!
it also had air conditioning.
 did i mention i am IN LOVE with jellyfish? they are lacy and elegant and the most fantastical creatures i've ever laid eyes on...that and puffins. i can never pass up a good puffin.

we ventured outside afterward to the levee to show max the ohio river and visit some of the vendors. it called for frozen lemonade and caricatures and leaving smelling like fried fish and sweat. love!

we had such a fine time!
p.s. matt is a sentimentalist in the worst way.  and is smitten with penguins.
he bought one of those crazy porcelain figurines of 3 penguins (representing us) from the gift shop...despite my constant snickering and teasing him. he accidentally left them at the levee and is heart-broken. if anyone comes across a brown gift shop bag filled with penguin paraphernalia please send it his way.     

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