starts with a k...

we spent the day at kings island yesterday...having one last big summer hurrah before kindergarten starts tuesday. max was beside himself. we tried to keep it a surprise as to where we were going but kept trying to give him hints..."you'll need your swimming trunks and walking shoes" and "it starts with a k and rhymes with rings"...to which he replied.."queen". close.

it was a really funny day. i got sick on the surf dog ride meant for little people under 48"...and matt couldn't stop playing the 3 point shoot basketball games at the coney mall. it got so bad he even sneaked to play one while max and i were on a ride and we came back to find him holding a stuffed lemur. it was a problem. 
we spent the rest of the day at the water park...swimming and tubing and loving up on each other. matt witnessed a woman asking to float down the lazy river in her socks...and it was time to go.

it was a real family day...our odd little family day.
and it felt good.


  1. I don't remember if I've ever commented on a post of yours over here yet! How lame of me. I just want you to know that you're in my Reader and every one of your posts really make me smile.

    Also, I always "share" your entries because a friend of mine just had a baby boy and I can't wait until she gets to go on adventures like you and Max!

  2. Hooray for odd little families! Is there any other kind?


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