full and happy

we just can't seem to resist a good afternoon fast food binge together.
and its no wonder i've gained 20 pounds and can't run up the stairs since we've met.
happiness and contentment and being in love show in more ways than one i suppose.  
like in a tight skirt and a wheeze.
and to carry us all on to the weekend, max left a little surprise on the refrigerator this morning. this is what happens when a little one meets scissors and $50 worth of newly brought home school pictures. 

 and we paid extra for that background he decided to cut himself out of. oh the irony.
i've decided to put sticks on all of these and pass them out as fan paddles. 
have a happy weekend, friends!


  1. i gained so much weight when i started dating max. it's okay with me! the plumper i am, the happier!

  2. i love that max cut himself out of all the photos! so cute!!

    i have to tell you, that as a teacher, max has very good fine motor skills -- his cutting out is really good! :)

    and it's the only time that putting on weight is a good thing -- when you're in love and happy. awwww.

    -- bondas (livejournal)


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