its the first day of fall!

and we're all smoochy about it!

and here's a true story. 
matt has never carved a pumpkin before. or even went pumpkin patching. next he's going to tell me he's never bobbed for apples! i've been known to tell him over and over how he's lived 20 lives compared to mine. and now? now i'm not so sure.
he needs me.

he and i went to my favorite spot yesterday and scooped up as many pumpkins and gourds as his truck would carry. this little place runs on the honor system which makes me love it even more. you're left to your own devises...out there all alone...which allows for smoochy pictures and real serious discussions on pumpkins that would otherwise be really embarrassing if others were around.  
corn stalk hair matches beard hair to a tee!
our loot! 
if i could have taken all of the white pumpkins home with me i surely would have.
all in all, not too shabby for matt's first turn on the autumnal dance floor. 
happy fall everyone!


  1. Gahhh, you look so happy and I love it!
    I hope we get to see Matt's carved pumpkin when it's all finished! :P

    Also, I think you should have a tattoo post (or maybe there was on on LJ?). I definitely have never seen your left sleeve in detail and you have so many great ones, it seems! <3

  2. Where did you go to get those pumpkins and cute smoochie pics?? I want to take Justin!!

  3. you guys are cuties! and those pumpkins are pretty cute, too. i love pumpkin patching... so fun.

  4. I love, love, love white pumpkins! We call them ghost pumpkins here at our house.

  5. you are the cutest couple! All of the photos are just magical!
    I've never carved pumpkins, either, but I bet it is a lot of fun!
    Happy autumn!


  6. oh my god, you two are soooooooo cute! yay it is about that time to care pumpkins! can't believe he has never carved a pumpkin! can't wait to see what you guys do!


  7. agree with hilly27....want to know more, more and even more about your tattoos....I know, I know very personal and all that jazz but I gots ta know all about YOU! You and your beau are quite the beautiful couple and your way with words makes my tummy tickle. You truly have a gift....truly.

  8. you girls are the dreamiest!
    thanks for all the lovin. i would love to do a tattoo post! matt is finishing up my left arm and i'll get right on it!

    and brit! this pumpkin place is outside of troy right across from brukner nature center. get a hold of me if you want directions.

    love and appreciate you all so very much!


  9. ok i love it here- thats IT. im the newest follower.


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