indian summer

today was one of those breathlessly lovely early-fall days. 
the kind where you wake up with the sniffles from leaving the windows open all night, wear a sweater to work in the morning and ditch it by lunch time, meet your fella at a sidewalk cafe for sandwiches and window shopping, bury your feet in crunchy leaves....
and decorate shamelessly early for halloween.
i suckered max into helping me so i would feel justified in such a shenanigan...because only a child would lack such self control to decorate a month and a half early for a holiday.
he's useful like that. 


  1. I already have pumpkins on my doorstep and I'm eyeing potted mums! My son asked me to dig out our DVD of the "The Charlie Brown Pumpkin Patch" as he calls it. I guess Halloween is making an early arrival here in Ohio!

  2. I'm put out all my decorations too. Justin even decorated the windows with clings that glow in the dark. He was super proud of his work.


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