the greatest

matt's twin brother, todd, got married this weekend out on their grandmother's farm. 
matt is ordained and was the minister for the ceremony and did a beautiful job.
i hardly have the words for how romantic and genuine it was. all i can say is that it was certainly more than just a wedding. it was such a celebration of love and family and faith...with lots of laughter and happy tears and good food and wine and dancing under the stars.

rehearsing friday evening...
todd and i
more photos on my photobucket...


  1. Beautiful photos K.! I hope all is well :)

  2. BREATHTAKING photos. Matt and his brother are so handsome! (I guess that would make sense, seeing as they are twins). Thank you for sharing. I just love weddings.

  3. Entirely breathtaking! (And honestly, such a teeny, tiny blast from the past for me seeing the two of them!)

    There is nothing quite like a swoony wedding...

  4. eeep! i've missed you girls! thank you so much for the kind words. i hope everything is wonderful for you!

    and shannon! i love how small of a word it is. it does my heart some good knowing that matt and i have been 1 degree of separation from each other all this time. the clemmers are such good people.


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