our spot

matt and i have a spot. 
we call it our own and get a little territorial when other people are using it...despite it being in a public park. clearly it belongs us. we've talked about using intimidation tactics to get people to leave...like standing uncomfortably close behind them.
we go to this spot to touch shoulders and sit in silence together, talk about random things, admire the mallards (matt loves mallards) or eat dessert. this past week we went and the river had dried up and there were no mallards but i brought along a wooden flute to serenade matt with my version of "big pimp'in"...which ended up sounding oddly ethereal or fairy like. just like jay-z had intended. (hot tip ladies: woo your men with ethereal fairy versions of vulgar rap songs)
come to think of it though, i could use said flute as another intimidation tactic...i can play mambo #5 on that thing...

p.s. how much does the above picture look like i'm kissing on a sasquatch dressed for everyday?
just the way i like him...


  1. oh my - mambo number five. i totally forgot about that song!!! i'd love to hear you rocking out on your flute to rap. that is awesome! that picture (while it may look like you're kissing sasquatch) absolutely melts my heart. you two are so cute.

  2. speaking of rap songs, isaac won my heart by singing "A billi" by Jay-Z back in the day. Check it out, its pretty hot.

  3. "(hot tip ladies: woo your men with ethereal fairy versions of vulgar rap songs)"

    that part seriously made me CRACK UP! absolutely hilarious. oh my goodness.


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