wedding feet

we went to a beautiful wedding saturday for matt's cousin.
it was the perfect pre-fall day and oh how weddings leave me misty eyed these days. 
matt and i talked about driving separate so that he could stay...knowing max would inevitably poop out early. but it turns out max is the life of the party. and was drug off the dance floor before midnight. 

my son has the fanciest wedding feet.

we just came home from a little camping trip and brought home sand in our shorts and a sick little guy (fever and sad eyes for real). max says he drank lake water and it was poison. 
eggs on all of our faces if that's true. i think i drank a little too.
pictures tomorrow...

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  1. Oh, poor Max! I hope he's feeling better. I spot silly bandz in the top picture. Oh my, do we have a lot of those in this house!


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