for our labor day weekend we decided to get away with friends and our little ones to cowan lake for camping and beach bumming and smores eating. some of my favorite childhood summer memories are from camping with my family..traveling to far off and exotic places together...like missouri. i'm one pop-up camper and a minivan away from recreating those memories with max.
it was a good season for camping...warm swimmy days and cool wool sock nights. matt and i tested the resolve of our relationship by putting a tent up together and we all learned not to travel with heavily tattooed/bearded men. 
they scare fellow campers. 
lock up your food and hide your children!

we spent all our labor day afternoon by the lake...getting one last twirl around in our swimming suits and summer skin and taking naps covered in sand. 
but i'm pretty sure that's what labor day is all about. 
and this was our last little love note weekend to summer.

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