wild banshees

 we rioted and pillaged the town last night like a big bunch of banshees....throwing flour and jumping out of bushes scaring little ones....stealing candy!
or...paraded quietly like a group of polite trick or treaters. upholding etiquette..."trick or treats" and "thank you's" all around.  either way! it was a real fine time.
 max was a funny little rootin tootin cowboy at first...then last minute he wanted to add facial hair to be an outlaw cowboy...then wanted a dead face to be a zombie cowboy...
we settled on outlaw.
we marched around town with my sister amy and friends...which is always my favorite part. i love trick or treating in a group. even if you've lost half of them along the way...
 the night ended with a floor covered in candy, a little late night pizza, and pete and pete episodes.
love. love.love.
have a happy halloween weekend...we've got to get a few more things for our costume party tomorrow. matt needs more hair for his face and a night gown. any guesses?

happy halloween, dears!


  1. Hi Katy! I'm guessing M. you'll be Red Riding Hood & Matt will be the Big Bad Wolf as grandmother?! Logan and I dressed up as this for our first Halloween together! Have a wonderful time!

  2. You guys should come pillage the town of Eaton tomorrow night! Justin and I will be passing out candy. I wanted to dress the dog up like a ghost but he wouldn't leave the sheet on. Max looked awesome! You did a great job on his costume.

  3. pete and pete!!! i haven't seen that show since i was a kid. the dancing tattoo always cracks me up. where did you find episodes??? i must know!!! i'd like to also find old episodes of are you afraid of the dark for the kids.

    looks like fun! it's awesome that you got to trick or treat early...

  4. big bad wolf? and are you going to be red riding hood? brilliant, i say. ;)

    max is the coolest little cowboy ever. and you look adorable!


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