a little christmas

i doused our house in fresh white paint this weekend while matt was away for work. 
i wanted to surprise him with much progress when he got home...then realized that painting old white walls white again isn't the most exciting makeover reveal.
so i decorated for christmas. 
just a little here's and there's...enough to warm up the house and to soothe the christmas decorating itch i always get way too soon (i have very little self control when it comes to these things). 
the silly part is that there is so much construction work yet to be done all around...missing floorboards, random holes and wires and dust...but i got to put out my little tulle christmas tree...and it all makes sense.
max made a sign to hang up welcoming matt home and set up the winter village on the bookshelf. i keep catching him curled up in the chair and walking his fingers past the houses...making up back stories for the deer. a new favorite christmas memory for me to store in my mind. and that is definitely what this move is all about.
all in all, not too shabby for a weekend's work.
and really the christmas bits distract from the massive holes in the ceiling and walls.


  1. it looks amazzzzzzing! please post a full house tour when it's done! i love your style. so whimsical & romantic, but also really well designed.

  2. you did a great job! I have holes everywhere too...my 'handyman' loves to make little holes all over my walls, I don't think there is a room in our house without a hole.

  3. your house is AMAZING! and your christmas decorations are soo cute!


  4. I always look forward to seeing your decorations for any holiday, you do such beautiful work. I love the little village!

  5. i love your aesthetic!

    especially the raindeer pairing on the shelf! i love them.

    also, where do you shop for such fabulosities? are they all thrifted finds or are some from etsy?

  6. the house looks amazing! you've got some great christmas decorations.

  7. i love that rose pillow....where on earth did you find it? or how did you make it?

  8. thanks so much for all the lovin, you gals!
    dear c, most of the decorations are either made or thrifted!
    and amanda, the rose pillow is from target! it's in the bedding section. so good.


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