today i woke up in a sea of kleenex with a sultry baritone voice (i'm sick)
i ate candy and orange juice for breakfast
listened to 24 hour christmas radio with the bass turned up
led a group in sweatin' to the oldies at work and had to sit out "he's a rebel" because i couldn't breathe
i dragged a huge bookshelf from the dumpster to my apartment (i'm shameless when it comes to free things..i also gain super powered brute strength)
today i did not need another bookshelf
this weekend both of my fellas are away. i am going to take myself out to dinner tonight and go see harry potter (ssqquueeee!). then tomorrow is pack and paint and pack and paint some more.
happy weekend, friends!


  1. yes i can never pass up free things! that was one of my favorite things about living in sf! i can't wait to go to see Harry Potter but i have to wait till my mom gets back from spain. it is tradition that we go together every year <3! watched the first & second one last night!

    hope you are feeling better!



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