fa la la la la

the gifts are unwrapped, the house is a happy cluttered mess, and we're still basking in the glow of our full holiday weekend with family and friends.
max, being filled with momentary cheer, made a temporary truce with santa after he brought him a pillow pet. although he still questions his practices...wondering why santa has to sneak around and be all shady. i'm trying to enjoy every last bit of this. i have a feeling this was our last "i believe in/am terrified of santa" christmas.
the morning was a hectic but lovely one. 
matt and i woke up to a bit of new snow on the ground and, like all christmas mornings past, max had to be woken up. i don't know of any child that has his parent's begging him to wake up and open presents. my little guy is a rare breed.
this was our first christmas all together and it was a fine one. max and matt smothered me with some pretty wonderful presents...a new record player, a diana mini, and my favorite...a orange and a peppermint. my grandma used to tell us of her christmas' growing up and getting presents of oranges and peppermint sticks. the sweetest and simplest of gifts. it's become a tradition with matt and me.
and now that it's all said in done...i've got my carter family record on, warm water heating on the stove, and a million and a half things scattered all about with no proper place to put any of them. i feel loved and full and happy. ready to tackle this new year.


  1. my grandma used to put oranges and grapefruits and peppermints in my stocking when i was a kid, i loved it. :) so glad you had such a wonderful christmas, lady! <3

  2. Brock always puts apples and oranges in our stockings! He said he always got fruit in his when he was growing up. :)

    We almost always have to wake up Wesley on Christmas morning! Except for this year, he woke up really early from coughing so bad. :( But we gave him some cough syrup and he seemed to feel better! He's been doing good during the day, just a bit stuffy and with a cough at night.

  3. Love the Carmen Miranda tree-topper! ;)

  4. i adore the orange and peppermint stick...i think i may have to start this tradition 'round our place as well. also? i'm drooling over the thought of a record player. perhaps i shall requisition the one sitting dusty and neglected in my parents' living room. it needs me, don't you think?

    happy tuesday! so glad i found you through shan's blog.

  5. Oh my!
    Can I sneak over and play by the fire of candles with you?


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