i wish i had a river

we spent the afternoon ice skating outside by the river yesterday with matt's brother and sister in law (who were in town from chicago) and his mama. it was cold cold cold but worth every sniffle. this gal loves winter and was in all her glory bundling up (wearing her new christmas hat from her fellas!) and taking in the cold air.
max and matt are fearless skaters! 
i'm as bumbley as can be on the ice and was praying that i wouldn't fall and injure my rear again. i spent most of the time clinging to the wall...dreaming of taking off towards the center of the rink and doing a fancy spin or axle or whatever the kids are doing these days.
 and even though it's a sad song, skating makes me hum joni's "river" every time.
i wish i had a river 
i could skate away on
i wish i had a river so long
i would teach my feet to fly


  1. I so look forward to your posts dear!

    I had forgotten how much skating hurts your poor feet and ankles! I definitely clung to the wall (whimpering in some pain) and daydreamed of getting out there!

  2. I adore your new hat!!


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