snow day

the weather has gotten a little frightful around here, schools are closed today and cars are slip sliding around... but nothing my little band of ragamuffin snow rompers can't handle. 
we were talking of getting nice snow gear to wear outside this year but there is something really sweet and nostalgic about layering up mismatched clothes and tying up breadbags around your shoes. it's the simplicity in it.
it reminds me of being max's age and rummaging through the winter bag in the closet, never finding the right match to the mittens and getting the earmuffs tangled up in my hair.
so today is a day of bundling up, sipping on warm things, and appreciating the beauty that ohio is this time of year!


  1. You make me want to climb inside your life on a regular basis, and that is saying something, because I quite like my own. ;)

  2. Ya'll are so cute! I'm with you on the mismatch nostalgia too!

  3. I love the one of you and max! so cute. Please tell that snow to stay there for my return. Promise it good things..

  4. lovelies. <3
    oh how i wish it would snow in southern california. ;) have so much fun in your winter wonderland!

  5. i've been wanting to drive up a few hours away and play in some snow - and this just confirmed my wishes. so cute.

  6. Hi sweet girl. Thought I'd try this out once again.
    You are lovely, as always.

  7. love your lil family photo! it's warm enough to melt the snow.


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