fancy christmas

i was watching a special on tv the other night about the origins of christmas. it was so interesting and spoke of how groups of people have been gathering together...eating and drinking fine things... and celebrating this time of year for thousands of years.
i couldn't get that out of my mind as my little group of wonderful friends sat around the table together in a empty indian restaurant...all dressed up...celebrating the year and each other. fancy christmas is silly gifts and party crackers filled with odds and ends. but it's also a true observance of the small things and friendship and life lived.
i feel very blessed to have such capital friends surrounding me.
(not to mention all of you as well.)
i guess fancy christmas brings out the sentimentalist in me..i can be a real sap sometimes.
after dinner we went dancing at a place my brother in law nate likened to "being on a cruise ship". lots of older folks waltzing to funk and disco. its an amazing place, where no one is keeping up appearances. it's a genuine place. a place to safely make a fool of yourself.
i need a little fancy christmas more often...


  1. you MUST tell me where your dress is from -- GORGEOUS!!!

  2. the dress is from f21! i want to wear it again and again. haha

  3. It seems so nice to have so many friends. I'd take just one any old day...


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