birthday buffet

somehow i managed to monopolize my loved ones entire weekend with my birthday nonsense this weekend. 
i guess that's what they get for befriending a sickly gal like myself.
my friends and family were sweet enough to give celebrating another go with me now that i'm back to my old tricks and feeling 100%.
saturday night, matt and friends threw me a lavish hoity-toity bash at the golden corral buffet..complete with liquid cheese dispensers, plastic bibs, and bottomless bowls of ice cream with sprinkles. we traveled 'round the world...stopping in mexico for the taco bar...asia for rice and spring rolls...and topped the whole thing off with slabs of meat and yeast rolls.
only a buffet can bring such wonder...
we shamelessly wore party hats while buffeting and somehow managed to get the waitresses to sing the snappy restaurant birthday song to me twice. my face got all red and hot, which you can imagine is hard to do to a girl that would wear a party hat at a buffet.
 we went back to our place after to dance and do ridiculous things people in their late 20's and 30's shouldn't be doing. but i'll tell you, i've known no greater joy than seeing grown men dive on the floor for pinata treats.
it was a fabulous party. it's been a fabulous birthday week.
a girl could get used to this kind of treatment. 
which is exactly why i'm ready to pack up and move on to the sidelines for a spell. 
enough about me already!


  1. love your shirt, do share.

    and happy birthday. it looks like a great time was had by all!

  2. wow it looks like such an amazing time, you have the sweetest man too. Happy happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! I want to come hang out with you cool folks!

  4. Just wanted you to know that I did a little "blog award" thing and linked to you because I think you and your blog are swell! No pressure to participate, but I would love for you to come take a look.

  5. Oh my, the Golden Corral is quite the snazzy place! Teehee I'm glad you had such a good time. Swoon over the rolls! Hope you ate one for me!

  6. thank you friends!
    and bridget, the dress is from forever 21. i wsa lucky enough to not get a single buffet stain on it. haha

  7. Oh jeez I loooove your decorations! And I especially love the little photo-op backdrop with the streamers and balloons, too cute! This looks like it was a blast.


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