candlelit dinner for 3

my guys threw me a wonderful party last night, despite trapping me in my room for hours so they could spruce the place up.
if i put my ear to the door i could hear fancy dress-shoed feet across bare floors, strips of tape being torn, a drill, giggling, and a little panic.
the house looked so beautiful! color thrown around every nook and cranny. matt and max were decked out in their sunday best...real sharp men! i felt pretty lucky.
i took a turn for the worse again last night and was so relieved when they opened the door to let me out and, instead of going out to dinner like planned, they had set up a romantic candlelit pizza dinner for 3 at the kitchen island.
 complete with cans of soda, maracas, and fancy plastic silverware.
after dinner we partied. we partied and pardoned our own construction mess and threw caution to wind. not to mention, there was a bubble machine. oh yes, there was a bubble machine.
we spent the rest of the night birthdaying and dancing to jazz and old hip hop and doing plenty of nuzzling.
28 is off to a pretty good start!
thank you everyone, from the bottom of my rested heart, for such birthday wishing the past few days. it means the world!
now to get to feeling better.
i've got sledding to do!
(and you better believe i dragged all those balloons to bed with me last night)


  1. Ahhh, you are such a lucky lady!! Your boys really know how to show you a good time. :)

    Glad you had a nice birthday!

  2. This looks wonderfully perfect! I'm glad you had fun-- hope you're feeling better! Happy, happy birthday :)


  3. they did a fantastic job! you are so lucky to have very handsome and loving men in your life!


  4. That's a fairytale party if ever I've seen one.

  5. you folks know how to party.

    things i need to tell you, in no particular order:
    1. the party hat on the painting was a touch of brilliance.
    2. your house is gorgeous.
    3. i'm not gonna lie: the sound of a drill would have worried me a teensy bit.
    4. oh, that confetti cake!
    5. i'm convinced that crepe paper streamer mileage is directly proportional to how much one is loved. so you? are loved like 5 billion miles long.


  6. you have such darling men in your life, they sure know how to throw a girl a party. ;) precious family...

  7. sweet boys you got there! happy birthday!

  8. I LOVE the photo of Max admiring his art... a-la Michelangelo! :)

  9. What a wonderful birthday surprise! Marions might be the best pizza on this side of the Mississippi. Happy Birthday my dear friend. You deserved to have a great one.

  10. The house is turning out to be a bit of perfection. I am so proud of you and those boys! I love all the balloons. All wonderful things in such a colorful post or two! I am sorry you weren't feeling tiptop. I understand the pains of that lately! Staying in and being spoiled seemed just right. Happiest of birthdays to you far away sister! <3

  11. this is perfect! so adorable and colorful.

  12. the house looks great! Oh Katie I'm so happy you and Max found sweetheart Matt! You guys deserve the best!!!Happy Birthday dear friend

  13. What a couple of gems you have there! The decorations are so nice! How very sweet... this tugs at my heart.

  14. Happy Birthday to you. It looks like you have a lovely and happy home.


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