high above the chimney tops

i am the kind of gal that needs to escape and hide herself away. all the time. i'm the youngest of 4 girls, and i'm sure that may have something to do with it. haha. 
from the time i could crawl i was finding quiet spaces to sneak off to alone. 
as a girl i would grab my favorite books and climb up the cherry tree in the backyard to feel unreachable. 
and now, as a grown up woman, i still fight the urge to blanket-fort myself in solitude and a little silence...a chance to go inward for a bit.
matt knows this about me and honors that side of myself more than i do. 
so when our family room ceiling was mid-demolition (we raised it into the wasted attic space) he decided to save one end and keep it was a lofty hideout for me...my cherry tree. a place to huddle all my books and prized possessions...like my dying plants and favorite paintings and baskets of old scrap fabrics. my unreachable place.
 these photos are from a few weeks ago...we're still waiting on some heres and theres...skylights, bookcases, a railing, and a fancy little ladder to finish it off. everyone who has seen my loft keeps demanding a beanbag for it. i was thinking a rocker of some sort. do they make beanbag rockers?
already, in its rough and dusty state, i cherish this place of mine. 
and i'll always be in complete awe of such a man knowing his lady so well.
if i go missing, you can find me up here. 
(and never you mind max and his open shirt...it was one of those days)


  1. you've got yourself a dream boat of a man! i can't wait to see the finished result! it's your cherry tree i say you get the rocker! and that max is gonna be a heart breaker!

  2. wow! how fun. can't wait to see how it turns out.

    these photos are seriously so cute. i can't wait to be a mom.

  3. i am headed over the rainbow to find me a true gentleman, like mr. matt. nick doesn't read blogs, but i believe it is a good year to start. haha <3

  4. if beanbag rockers do not yet exist, they absolutely should.

    i love high-up spaces, but my garage attic is Scary. perhaps the hubby can be persuaded to build me a turret in the backyard. :)

    can't wait to see your finished space.

  5. wow that place sounds amazing! i wish i had mt own secret hideaway space! my friend had one under her stairs that was hidden behind the closet. we used to spend the night in there all the time..it was super awesome!

    glad you have such a loving and understanding guy!


  6. oh so neat! i just know this space will be so cute! can i come hide out and make stuff with you!?!??! teehee

  7. can't wait to see it when it is complete...looks amazing already ;)

  8. OH MY GOODNESS. this a dream!! i so resonate with what you said... needing a special place as a hide away. i've always been obsessed with forts and treehouses and lofts... a place to paint in, and read, and feel inspired. mmm, i totally get that.

    this is going to be so wonderful for you! (can i move in?;))


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