we make a pair of parentheses

is it spring or is it winter? 
we're not so sure around here. full warm sun and a little rain and no snow to speak of has my mind tricked to think thoughts of opening windows and gardening and wearing fluttery blouses. ohio can be a sneaky place when weather is concerned.
the mud and in between-ness of it all has max stuck indoors, bored and befriending a role of bubble wrap. he's been upstairs all morning rolling and markering and tugging and popping.
my mornings at home with this guy make my heart all a'thump and bursty. i'm a little addicted. 
so much so, matt and i rearranged my schedule so i won't have to miss out on things like this anymore. this new year i'm slowing it all down...getting to be more of the mama i want to be. 
and now that max is away at school for the afternoon and matt is out for work..i'm soaking up the stillness and quiet bits around the house. 
one of my projects this week is finishing the little art studio in max's fort for him and his bubble wrap.
with some ikea end tables pushed together and a roll of paper, this guy is happy. 
and so is this mama.
happy monday, friends!


  1. max is adorable!! kids are so creative they will think of anything during the winter time to keep their minds occupied! i remember using our futon as a sled and going down the stairs, it was so much fun...mind you we didn't live near snow so we could go outside unless we wanted a face full of mud :p


  2. max is so funny!

    i love the chalk holder. it makes me think back to learning to write neatly and how that was my favorite part of the day in 1st grade.

    this post makes me want to order this really bad: http://www.setonbooks.com/viewone.php?ToView=P-HW02-13

    haha, happy monday katie!

  3. ah, the joy of bubblewrap. i could use a sheet of that happy stuff today.

  4. it snowed for like 2 minutes here in phoenix last week (it never snows here) and it was crazy. the weather is all sorts of confused here, too.

    happy monday and happy new year too!

  5. Oh.. if we could get our boys together..
    Everyn had the same end table--until we retired it post Christmas because it was chipping and covered in every kind of paint and glue there is. Hehe


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