bloomington....or...the hunt for john cougar mellencamp

an hour before matt and i were supposed to leave for our weekend away, we still had no clue where we were going. desperation, and no clear direction, led us to strips of paper and a feathered fedora. little towns in west virginia and pennsylvania and indiana and michigan were all tossed in together, out popped bloomington (the home of indiana university and john mellancamp), and we were on the road.
(that hat has yet to do me wrong, except for when i try to wear it)

we set out, the two of us, with no technology...only paper maps and local radio.
20 minutes into the drive the radio was off and i was soaking up matt's tales of selling men's perfume and time shares in his early 20's. i think that's what i love most about road trips; being trapped in the car with someone brings out the chance for real conversation and juicy past-life gossip.
that, and traveling through indiana will lead you to funny gentlemen bookstores in trailers and truck stop omelet/indian food restaurants.
 bloomington was great. 
the weather was flirting with spring, so we walked and walked and walked. we ate interesting foods and sifted through some pretty amazing vintage stores (one had a working 1920's peep show booth for a quarter and taxidermy animals lining the tops of bookshelves). we made each other paper napkin valentines over coffee, spent $30 at the candy store with little remorse, took in the local art, jaywalked, and slow danced on the sidewalk to elevator music. there's something really wonderful about the anonymity that a new town gives you...and bloomington was the perfect hideout.
this trip was a risky venture for the planning kind of girl that i am. but it truly paid off.
it's an easy and laid back weekend when you fly by the wind. and really that's just what i needed. even if we were only a couple hours from home.
but in all honesty, i would travel to the backyard with this guy if it meant that i got spend the day with him.


  1. Hello! I'm new here--found you through FlowerPatchFarmgirl, but I just wanted to say that I love, love, love your cute little blog. The photography is amazing (the detail, fact that YOU are in your pictures, airy-ness of it all...gorgeous!), and I love your style. How do you do it all? Best wishes to you and yours!

  2. I, too, love Bloomington. I travel over every few months when I need to escape my cookie cutter town and get a little art and culture into my life.

  3. hello miss katie!
    what a beautiful blog you have. such dreamy photos--and it's nice to see what you three are up to these days.

  4. This reminds me of the time we spontaneously decided to drive to Canada with $2 in our pocket and didn't have enough money to get back into the USA. We wouldn't change anything about it!

  5. this looks amazing. such a good idea! we might have to try the "pick a place out of a hat" trick some time...maybe next time you'll pick michigan.

  6. I can't remember if I've ever commented- but I just wanted to let you know that I adore your blog. A friend that you did a mural for told me about it, and I'm so glad she did. I love reading about your little adventures, its so much fun since we live in the same area. Your love for life is so encouraging! (ps- love this post, someday, I want to take little adventures like this with someone special.)


  7. just stumbled upon your blog....i love your outifts and your shoes! so pretty :) you have a lovely blog!


  8. I just looked at your year in review post and had to back track to this one. I live in Bloomington and go to IU. Glad you enjoyed the town, it's a neat little place to be.

    & I agree, road trips with deep conversations can be one of the best ways to learn about people. I love them.


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