nothing but big ol' hearts dancing in our eyes

 i've been plotting and scheming and valentining around here...and no one is safe!
there is something about rolls of candy-colored ribbon and bits and trims of paper that make my heart thump thump thump.
my body has been gravitating toward the sunshiny corners of the house these days, like a little lazy house pet.
although, i prefer a side of productiveness with my morning sun. i've been hauling my crafting goodies around, tailing the sun from room to room.

we've got our weekend trip destination narrowed down to a few choices (thank you so much for the help...west virginia is looking pretty promising!).
it may come down to towns written on strips of paper and tossed into a hat tonight. wherever the wind takes us, i'm just looking forward to getting to hold matt's hand for a few hours and seeing ohio from the rear view mirror. just for a bit.

although, our fool-proof  back up plan is seeing jerry seinfield and the hot dog bun museum in toledo. so...
win. win.


  1. Oh yes please, Jerry!
    If you WV it, I'm tailing you...
    I sent you some emails. Yes, plural. My mind couldn't think clearly. <3

  2. pretty, now i want you to wrap me a present! ps- i figured you'd have orla for target scattered about your house too. we might be brothers from another mother. have a wonderful lovey dovey weekend!

  3. Hey! I am the one who suggested Lewisburg, WV..so if you end up there or any where in WV you will have to me know since that is where I live now and I can give you some pointers on where to stop by and sites to see. Also...are you planning on doing the CD exchange part 2?? yes!

    Lisa Stout

  4. spontaneous road trips where the destination isn't chosen until last minute are the best! i drove two hours away for a burrito from a 24 hour mexican joint that i heard was AMAZING and you know what? it was glorious and the burrito was so worth it. i hope you have an amazing time regardless of where you go!

  5. she don't like her eggs all runny, she gets in on like the easter bunny...haha. I love that song. By far, my favorite of Mr Prine.

  6. I live in Toledo, so its pretty cute that you refer to Tony Packo's as the "hot dog museum" :)


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