cheese z top

max and i invited my sister angie and her little ones out for pizza, panic and anxiety, and terrifying animatronics this weekend at chuck e cheese.
just to set the scene, a prison escapee was found hiding in the bathrooms there last week..and the last time i had been was years ago when a baby's diaper exploded leaving trace bits embedded in the carpet and on everyone's shoes and socks; a situation we now affectionately refer to around here as "the poop sock incident".
 but you never would have known we had such a shakey past! we took back to the place like ducks to water, or like little ones to tokens and skee ball.
time heals all wounds. 
 we laughed, we cried (literally), my nephew ethan had kidnaping concerns...rightly so i guess. 
but spending time with my beautiful sister and my fellow gingers was worth the risk...
 if only for this accidental picture of angie and me. 
or maybe that cheese z top poster below...
don't make me choose.
in the end, we made it out relatively unscathed...with clean socks and cotton candy and stories the kids could write home about...


  1. oh my lands, hilarious. first off, you two are beautiful. =)secondly, for miss e's bday tomorrow husband and i have been brainstorming fun things to do. since the weather turned it's back on us, we scratched our zoo idea leaving us with a possible outing to chuck e
    cheese world. it was a shot in the dark when suggesting it to my hubby bc i wasn't sure if he would be into the idea. he wasn't. haha! so no adventure for us. i'm not concerned, your story gave me just the amount of chuck's i would need for a while. haha.

  2. So, that Sister pic just made my flipping night.

  3. I swear only you could make Chuck-E-Cheese look so magical :)

    I found out last night that I'm pregnant! I hope I can be half as amazing of a mom as you are!!!

  4. I was going to say what gemcitytiffany said, but she already did! (well, the "only you could make Chuck-E-Cheese look so magical) part. :)

    Your whole blog is that way though (magical) and I love it.


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