kings of the road

 we made it home safely from our extreme spring break and are still spinning from the time we had!
although, being on the road with my two friends might just have been the highlight.
i love traveling with matt because he has zero road rage...and in moments when most would be giving gestures or pounding on the steering wheel he will make these funny little calm observations...("they're not using their turn signals...the whole lot of them")...it tickles me to no end.
we opted to not bring along any technology for max and traveled like days of old...with family sing a longs and snacks from home and a million rounds of the alphabet game.
max was a real trooper. he was inspired by the open road and decided to write and sing a spring break theme song...then boredom set in and he found a pair of safety scissors and gave his stuffed dog a hair cut, causing blue fuzz to fly and cover the car.
he only asked if we were there yet 40 times and was convinced that matt was driving in the wrong direction the majority of the trip. he has a sixth sense about these sorts of things.
chicago was amazing. and of course i took way too many photos...
i'll be back tomorrow with pictures and tales of white-knuckle cab rides, adventures 1,353 feet in the sky, and the city's best macaroni and cheese.


  1. We roadtrip to Chicago to see friends a couple times a year, and those windmills always amaze me. It's like something from a science fiction movie. They seem to go on forever into the distance.

  2. hello! thanks for your comment - it's always exciting to know someone knew glanced at my blog. hope you had a great time in chicago, i am looking forward to many trips there next year when i am back in south bend!


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