big fish

chicago has found a true blue friend in max.
he fell in love with it the minute he knew matt's twin brother and sister in law lived there (he's quite taken by them) but pulling up to the city at night with all the lights and the bells and whistles didn't hurt either.
it's funny the confidence a bigger fish bowl can give a little one. 
max stomped around the streets like it was old hat...hailing cabs, ignoring traffic signals, trying to decipher the smell on the city bus...all while matt and i ran frantically behind him with our cameras. we traveled by bus, cab, foot, and train. we legoed and watched the sun set over the city at 1300 feet up at the sears tower. it was really something.
 and thanks to todd and tonya, max got to meet chefs and try complimentary food and taste the city's best macaroni and cheese and hot chocolate.
(to balance things out we took him to the huge mcdonald's downtown on our way home...but he insisted on eating his food with a knife and fork. plastic. but fancy nonetheless. this city has done something to him )

our tiny visit was an amazing departure from our regular day to day.
and max is completely hooked.

it turns out heading towards a colder climate for spring break wasn't such a bad idea after all.
 or maybe it was going on a tuesday that made it such a breeze. regardless, it's the small adventures that i remember the most from growing up. and i hope it's the same for max.

i have more photos from our trip on my facebook!

have a lovely weekend, friends!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I love your photos. I could hardly stand in that clear box when we went! good for you!

  2. How wonderful! I love all of the photos. Looks and sounds like it was an amazing trip!

  3. chicago sounds perfect right now - and your pictures made it look perfect too! i think i would be really dizzy standing in the clear box. that's what heights do to me.

  4. SIGH... Chicago, you are magical. I almost moved there last year for a job, and man... sometimes I wish I had. I definitely need to visit a lot, that's for sure.

    Your outfit is just plain darling.

  5. whimsical. we are headed north for my kiddos spring break and you have made Chicago look ever so tempting. we will have to rendez vous there.

  6. Katie! what a wonderful spring break for the three of you! I aleadry contacted some friends from chic-ago (ya don't know how fancy chicago seems when u live in the "big" town if stuart) and told them I need some cubs baseball, Chicago deepdish and a taxi ride in my life... and that I can prob do without the heights! What memories... In true max style, I give this trip a thumbs up <3

  7. I really love these photos! They seem to capture the city well. I've never been but have always wanted to.

  8. What a wonderful trip! Oh the sears towers makes me nervous! So beautiful though!



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