our spot

we revisited an old haunt today for lunch...a place we used to frequent when max and i lived in our little apartment. today has been the warmest and sunniest yet...so i wore tulle for the occasion. my hands were tied.
we found our spot by the window...max played angry birds, matt sipped his coffee, and i pretended to be comfortable without tights on.
we're soaking up as much of this day as we can...matt leaves tomorrow for a convention in massachusetts (if you're near sturbridge go and tend to him for me). 
me and max have plans for fort building and mother/boy dates and maybe even a st patrick's day picnic if the weather would be so kind.


  1. I see Max has his backpack on...what a cool setup to have kindergarten in the afternoon and be able to spend your mornings together. I went to afternoon kindergarten myself long ago and I do believe it's affected my work habits to this day--I've never been a morning person and come alive later in the day. Looks like a sweet place...

  2. My favorite? "My hands were tied."

    You endlessly slay.

  3. So lovely, as always!

    P.S. I totally work near Sturbridge on Wednesdays! Haha :P

  4. Hey I live in MA....what is the conference for?

  5. it's a tattoo convention this weekend! at the host hotel in sturbridge. matt has a booth there.

  6. oh your family is so sweet and you are just a doll. i'm so glad i found your blog!


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