oh, the places you'll go

here's a truth about myself: i have only been on an airplane one time in my life. one. i was 10 years old and my aunt took me with her 5th grade class to washington d.c.
my only lasting recollection about the entire flight was the girl sitting beside me, eating the cream cheese for her bagel with her fingers.

almost 20 years later, i found myself yesterday afternoon sitting in my congressman's office with matt waiting for a letter to expedite my first passport.
this little lady is going places...and soon!
the details are still being worked out, but even this tiny inch closer to traveling has sent me over the moon.
(hence the awkward photo shoot with me and my letter!)

it may hold me over for another 5 years.


  1. Aww! So not awkward. Totally adorable. =) Enjoy your trip whenever it may be.

  2. aw thats wonderful, mark and i are doing the same thing soon, at the first of the year we started a coin jar specifically for passports and started planning my first trip out of the country!! we chose ireland ;)

  3. that blows my mind! congrats on the passport, they're so full of promise. when i got mine my then-boyfriend said, "that's the worst picture of you i've ever seen." 'tis true.

  4. How wonderfully delicious. So, where does this Passport of yours plan to take you?

  5. Eep! Love this! I'm in the same boat. Although, I have never been on a plane (Sean only once as a child also) and we have to get our passports for a trip next year! Exciting stuff!

  6. woohoo! this is SO exciting! congrats on the passport.


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