time in a bottle

yesterday we started work on covering up that big metal beam in the family room. 
one of matt's clients brought over some beautiful 140 year old barn wood for us to use. it's weathered and worn and full of knots and character. exactly what i was hoping we could find.
before we sealed up the beam, matt wrote a little story on the back of a picture of the three of us and hid it inside.
 i hope whoever finds it will be able to put a face to the hands that made this little place a home. and until then, there's a little open knot in the wood that we decided to keep for more treasure-stuffing.

and speaking of treasures...
max meditating and wearing goggles during taco night...to keep out the smell.

happy weekend, loves!


  1. Hooray for taco night! There's something so wonderful about setting out all the little dishes of toppings, isn't there? P.S. I bet it smelled wonderful.

  2. so sweet. i love that idea. my husband's parents recently remodeled, and they came across a few things his dad had "hidden" when they first built their house. newspaper clippings, notes and dates and poems written on the drywall... i thought it was so cute. totally going to incorporate it as we make changes in our new (old) house!

  3. Love the goggles at the table. We've had goggles to sleep, goggles to ride bikes, goggles to read and eat but actually not to often do we have them for what they were meant for...but I must say I like non water ways more.

  4. The family photo beneath the barn wood is simply gorgeous. I wanna dip all three of you in my coffee and chomp you right up!

  5. that's an awesome idea! Love your little family. i'm a new follower:)


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